I’m in because I like the tariffs, and no wars, and the peace deals, and no “Dear Colleague” letter, and Mnuchin, and DeVos, and the child tax credit, and the wall, and the support for Ukraine, and the fracking, and no national lockdown, and no national mask mandate.

I was never into the guy’s character. But I detest hypochondriacs who get the sniffles and immediately lie down and start very loudly and obnoxiously dying for the next three weeks. Just so you understand, I was in my car driving two hours after I woke up from my gall bladder surgery because I just urgently needed to drive by a place and pick up a thing.

So today I just have to admire Trump’s hutzpa. If we all managed to respond to COVID like Trump has, there would be no lockdowns and we would all be back to normal. There’s an important lesson here for all the people who think “my character is so superior” yet have dismantled their lives because of COVID.

No Self-respect

I’m at the gym and the CNN is on. There’s a segment about a “superspreader event” that Trump and a bunch of other people visited, got infected, and a couple of them got runny noses.

That people would have so little self-respect that they don’t immediately turn off the TV the second they hear the words “superspreader event” is something I’ll never comprehend.

Out of Control

A very sweet young lady came by to canvass today.

“How do you feel about Governor Pritzker?” she asked brightly.

I must have failed to control my facial expression, and the canvasser recoiled in fear.

“I’m here to oppose his new tax initiative!” she exclaimed defensively. “I don’t like him either!”

Won’t Get Over It

I never taught on Zoom in my life but I will have to starting on November 20 because… I have no idea. We are locking down the campus for two months for a reason nobody ever explained.

I’ve never had any need to think about the abomination called Zoom teaching and that was great. But now it occured to me: do students turn off their cameras? I can hardly blame them because I haven’t listened to a single Zoom meeting for over 7 minutes but won’t I feel like a total idiot when it happens?

It’s unbelievable what we’ve allowed to be done to us over some silly respiratory illness with a 99,8% survival rate for everybody except 90-year-old people with advanced renal failure.

I don’t have words to describe how angry I am about COVIDiocy. My kid drew Cinderella in a mask today. I don’t think I’ll ever get over what was done to us with this whole COVID craziness.