No Self-respect

I’m at the gym and the CNN is on. There’s a segment about a “superspreader event” that Trump and a bunch of other people visited, got infected, and a couple of them got runny noses.

That people would have so little self-respect that they don’t immediately turn off the TV the second they hear the words “superspreader event” is something I’ll never comprehend.

5 thoughts on “No Self-respect”

  1. What pisses me off is the way COVID-19 has completely taken over the priorities of both the medical establishments and the officials
    …the way it’s established such a degree of precedence over all other illnesses and ailments. It’s almost like “no other disease exists anymore except COVID-19”—-or, maybe, like “whatever’s ailing you can wait another year until we finally get this pandemic under control”
    …then, a year later, it’s still going on—and we’re still left putting our life and other health issues “on hold”.

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      1. “an extremely survivable illness for the overwhelming majority”

        Poland has recently started counting deaths from covid alone and deaths with comorbities…. as it turns out that as of today (day “216”) of the 3004 total fatalities just 345 (just about 11 %) are covid alone. So that’s 345 in a country of over 36 million (lowballing the population).

        I’ve informally heard that the comorbidities do not include the normal ravages of age but only pretty serious conditions…


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