Won’t Get Over It

I never taught on Zoom in my life but I will have to starting on November 20 because… I have no idea. We are locking down the campus for two months for a reason nobody ever explained.

I’ve never had any need to think about the abomination called Zoom teaching and that was great. But now it occured to me: do students turn off their cameras? I can hardly blame them because I haven’t listened to a single Zoom meeting for over 7 minutes but won’t I feel like a total idiot when it happens?

It’s unbelievable what we’ve allowed to be done to us over some silly respiratory illness with a 99,8% survival rate for everybody except 90-year-old people with advanced renal failure.

I don’t have words to describe how angry I am about COVIDiocy. My kid drew Cinderella in a mask today. I don’t think I’ll ever get over what was done to us with this whole COVID craziness.

7 thoughts on “Won’t Get Over It”

  1. Today I was talking to a friend whose child is in the same preschool as mine. She was telling me how she “taught” her two year old to wear masks. If her child takes off her mask or does not want to wear one on a playdate, she immediately stops the playdate and takes her home. She brought her child back from the zoo once because the child took off her mask.

    I could not help but be horrified! This is simply child abuse. And for what? Everything is happening outside, masks do not work, and even if they did, two-year-olds do not spread, and on top of this, everyone concerned is healthy and does not even have a sniffle. What are we doing to our children in the name of COVID?

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    1. It’s very creepy. People are going full-on crazy with the mask obsession. I keep thinking that it’s got to end at some point but it’s only getting worse.


  2. Yesterday I overheard someone describing how her toddler daughter was holding a zoom meeting with her imaginary friends. Complete with telling everyone to mute their microphones because the meeting was starting.


  3. The sounds I made when I read this twitter thread and the comments:


  4. I’m sorry that this happened at your university. I know you were so happy to be teaching in person.

    As a contrast, here’s some lovely remarks by Trump from mid-September:


  5. What’s with the audio on these “online transaction” sites?
    They always sound like 78-RPMs being played on a 1920s Victrola, or short-wave radio signals fading in-and-out.
    Is THIS supposed to be “the climax (and epitome) of high-tech superiority”?


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