Gov. Ron DeSantis said Friday that closing school campuses in the spring as the coronavirus pandemic took hold might have been one of the nation’s biggest “public health mistakes.”

And, while appearing on the Drew Steele radio show, DeSantis equated people fighting the return of students to classrooms as the “flat earthers of our day.”

The only thing I don’t get is how Florida got so lucky.

DeSantis should run for president in 2024.

5 thoughts on “Lucky”

  1. It was close! We almost got meth-and-gay-hookers Gillum! The urban areas liked that guy.

    If DeSantis goes for president in ’24, we’ll have to go back to state-governor roulette 😦


    1. I don’t see DeSantis declining to run for reelection as governor, or getting a second term and then dropping out to run for POTUS. Just think, without term limits, Scott would still be governor.


      1. Without term limits, we’d still have Lawton Chiles. Wouldn’t even matter that he’s dead… by the time he left office he was a glassy-eyed zombie, and Miami/Palm Beach still liked him! I remember watching him give a televised speech, and waiting for him to blink his eyes. He never did.


  2. I don’t know if it was a commenter here, but I recently looked at the Netherlands COVID information about schools and children. They have lots of data about infections by age group and say clearly children under 12 have very low infection rates and are not transmitting to other age groups. Children don’t need to social distance! 13 and up need to, and I think teachers need to stay distanced from teens. Seems like everything else is normal. Didn’t see anything about wearing masks. There’s not politics about schools there, it seems.

    Huge contrast with hyper panicked NYC where zip code lockdowns are about to commence due to every so slight

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  3. As for mask mandates:
    Okay, so wearing a mask isn’t any kind of “rocket science” or “complicated calculus”. Putting one one isn’t much different than putting on a shirt or a pair of shoes—you just slip it on over your face.

    But that’s it, though! It’s BECAUSE wearing a mask is so simple and basic and easy to do one questions just how effective it is as a “weapon against an aggressive biological agent”. A simple cloth or fabric alone is going to ward off something that’s allegedly lethal and strongly predatory in nature?
    Maybe in part—but certainly not in whole.


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