A Metric to Kill All Metrics

Folks, we are screwed. Forget “cases” or “positivity rates.” The bastards have come up with a COVID metric that will keep us all locked in forever. This metric has the word “equity” in it, and since equity doesn’t exist… re-read the first sentence of this post.

A Tiny Fraction

Michelle Obama: “Only a tiny fraction of demonstrations have had any violence at all.” https://t.co/CAovE4PR8X https://t.co/WOCqOi7eEv

And only a tiny fraction of police killed any unarmed black people. And only a tiny fraction of people who get infected with COVID die. Yet here we are, hostages to these tiny fractions.

I thought she was supposed to be educated.

Don’t Say Their Names

Secoriea Turner and Antonio Mays are two black children murdered by BLMers. They didn’t rape any women, they didn’t have any dead bodies recovered from their cars, they didn’t abuse kids or threaten pregnant women with guns.

Yet nobody is running around demanding that we “say their names.” Nobody knows their names. They are the useless, nameless, easily dismissed and forgotten victims.

Of course, BLMers have also murdered adults. Those nobody cares about either.

Lockdowns Are Dangerous

Americans, many of whom during the lockdowns have not worked or have worked alone at home, have been at least 51.3 percent more likely to become infected than Amazon and Whole Foods employees who interact with customers, suppliers, and co-workers in grocery stores, work side by side in fulfillment centers, and visit customers in office buildings, hospitals, apartment buildings, and everywhere else while making deliveries.

It’s the virus that transmits where people live and congregate for long stretches of time in small, tiny spaces. That’s why harsher lockdowns bring higher mortality from all causes, including COVID.

Punished with Uncertainty

For those who don’t understand why I’m voting Trump, take a look at Canada under Justin Trudeau.

In Montreal today, gyms are closed, kids activities are closed, restaurants are closed, and people aren’t allowed to be around anybody who doesn’t live at the same address. The worst part is the uncertainty of what will be open or needlessly closed tomorrow. People are being schooled into accepting the idea that they have absolutely no control over anything. No plans can be made. You are completely at the mercy of incomprehensible, castigating forces even for the most basic, mundane things you want to do.

Curiously, it’s exactly in the countries that are ruled by the parties most closely allied with the neoliberal agenda that these lockdowns are most intense.

Same Old

People say that riots will end if Biden wins. But why should they? The rioters will wake up the day after the results are announced in their poky apartments, their unsatisfactory lives, three likes on social media, and a feeling of the exact same drab uselessness that they felt the day before. The idea that what’s causing their misery is “society” isn’t going to be erased by any election. They are still going to be in the same sulk that’s pushing them to “protest” now. If anything, they are going to feel worse.

This – as well as the corona idiocy – will only end when we collectively stop granting it legitimacy in our minds.