A Metric to Kill All Metrics

Folks, we are screwed. Forget “cases” or “positivity rates.” The bastards have come up with a COVID metric that will keep us all locked in forever. This metric has the word “equity” in it, and since equity doesn’t exist… re-read the first sentence of this post.

3 thoughts on “A Metric to Kill All Metrics”

  1. Here’s a thought about “disproportionate impact” California’s public health morons might like to consider – about 1/3 of California’s COVID deaths have occurred in nursing homes and approximately 75% of the state’s COVID fatalities have been over the age of 65.

    But sure, let’s blather on about “race” rather than age. Public un-health more like it!


  2. Brown-nosers, arts majors, and the children of bureaucrats seem to be in charge of that state. Don’t expect good things imo, because ime, when things go wrong, those people start blaming and hurting the victims of their own policies.


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