An Unimportant Victim

One of the many unnoticed victims of lockdowns is this homeless man who was barred from spending time at the local public library and ended up killing himself.

Stay home, kill people.

2 thoughts on “An Unimportant Victim”

  1. This is the kind of thing I was fearing would happen from the beginning. When I didn’t have access to a university library I used to spend time in local libraries. It was very obvious see that many people just used them to have somewhere warm to spend the day, and also for internet access, company, etc.
    The other day a man turned up at my church without having registered before. When asked he said he was just out of jail. Luckily we could find a spot for him. I kept thinking – if we’re going into another lockdown (I’m in the UK), and the church is closed, and so is the library, and so are the charity shops, how is this man supposed to make his way back into the community, hopefully in a more positive way this time, if he’s stuck in a room all day? When I ask Team Lockdown about this, they fret and say “Well of course it’s not because of the lockdown, it’s because the GOVERNMENT needs to put an emergency system in place so that people like this don’t fall through the cracks!” How they expect this “system” to be built in a matter of days (when it could never be successfully built for decades, hence churches, libraries, etc. taking on some of it functions), I really cannot understand.

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    1. Exactly! We had a homeless man come by our church every Sunday, join us at the meal. He’d get food, company, toiletries, and just sit together with people and chat. And now entering church is rationed and tightly controlled. We leave food for him in a box outside but what about company? Human contact? It’s terrible.


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