Don’t Say Their Names

Secoriea Turner and Antonio Mays are two black children murdered by BLMers. They didn’t rape any women, they didn’t have any dead bodies recovered from their cars, they didn’t abuse kids or threaten pregnant women with guns.

Yet nobody is running around demanding that we “say their names.” Nobody knows their names. They are the useless, nameless, easily dismissed and forgotten victims.

Of course, BLMers have also murdered adults. Those nobody cares about either.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Say Their Names”

  1. “demanding that we “say their names.””

    This is what I don’t get. I can totally understand the logic of a movement called Black Lives Matter. I totally don’t understand that it’s number one priority is to protest against the miniscule number (proportionately) of blacks killed by law enforcement and not the very large number killed by Black criminals and in fact go to considerable effort to create a myth that Black on Black crime is not a problem…


    1. I supported the movement right up to the point when I understood it was going to be entirely dedicated to this bizarre fantasy of police brutality. That’s when I lost interest because if it’s not real, I don’t care about it. They’ve been falling all over themselves trying and still haven’t been able to scare up a convincing victim since this whole round of hell started in May. One would think that if it’s such an “epidemic,” there would be tons of cases, ripe for the picking.


      1. “entirely dedicated to this bizarre fantasy of police brutality”

        My assumption for some time now has been that they’re on the side of the gangs shooting people… there’s been no strong counter-evidence so far….


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