Party of Science

Meaning it’s a good idea to touch the mask constantly, shifting it around your face? What happened to “don’t touch your face needlessly”? Can anybody keep track?

5 thoughts on “Party of Science”

  1. This is insane. Mask on between bites?! FFS. That actually defeats the purpose of the mask if you will take it on and off 100 times, constantly touching its outer surface, then your food.


    1. They think you just sit down, eat your meal and drink your drinks in silence and reserve the talking for before and after your meal.

      I haven’t sat down in a restaurant of any kind to eat since March, maybe even February.


  2. This is so stupid I had to look it up to make sure it was not fake.

    It’s what I have been saying for a while, mask education in this country is garbage. Not even the clowns in charge can give out good information.


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