Punished with Uncertainty

For those who don’t understand why I’m voting Trump, take a look at Canada under Justin Trudeau.

In Montreal today, gyms are closed, kids activities are closed, restaurants are closed, and people aren’t allowed to be around anybody who doesn’t live at the same address. The worst part is the uncertainty of what will be open or needlessly closed tomorrow. People are being schooled into accepting the idea that they have absolutely no control over anything. No plans can be made. You are completely at the mercy of incomprehensible, castigating forces even for the most basic, mundane things you want to do.

Curiously, it’s exactly in the countries that are ruled by the parties most closely allied with the neoliberal agenda that these lockdowns are most intense.

One thought on “Punished with Uncertainty”

  1. “take a look at Canada under Justin Trudeau”

    Canada is one of the most decentralized federations in the world. How it became so, is a curious, long and not very exciting story.

    So, anyway, Montreal’s renewed lockdowns are pretty much all on Quebec’s provincial and municipal authorities.

    (This is not to say that Trudeau the Younger isn’t a complete ass and embarrassment to his family name.)


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