Same Old

People say that riots will end if Biden wins. But why should they? The rioters will wake up the day after the results are announced in their poky apartments, their unsatisfactory lives, three likes on social media, and a feeling of the exact same drab uselessness that they felt the day before. The idea that what’s causing their misery is “society” isn’t going to be erased by any election. They are still going to be in the same sulk that’s pushing them to “protest” now. If anything, they are going to feel worse.

This – as well as the corona idiocy – will only end when we collectively stop granting it legitimacy in our minds.

6 thoughts on “Same Old”

  1. My son is being picked on in school. He is 12. He said the kids call him “Trump Supporter!” as a derogatory term–not specifically because he actually is one. This is what our culture has devolved to–labeling people as objects of hate for their political or social beliefs. I think the larger question (in response to this blog entry) is, “how do we heal the sulk?” People are a mass bundle of pain and suffering (much of it self-imposed). I would suggest that our chronic pain (and all the symptoms it exhibits like inebriation which leads to addiction, rioting as an outlet for anger, to name a few) needs an antidote. We are divided by our self-focus (addiction to screens?) and have no sincere community cohesion. We are united in our isolation from each other–which the virus has exacerbated.

    You are right. The election will solve none of this. I fear it will only grow worse until our country tears itself apart from the inside. We must evolve or implode. Those are the only options.

    Hasn’t Coronavirus exposed our deeper need for security and support? People are truly afraid of it. This fear has made us vulnerable to all manner of media manipulation in our search for truth. Our fear of death supersedes political anxieties but also fuels the madness.

    Thanks for reading this loooong response. Your post really got me to thinking. Maybe that was the point?


    1. I’m so sorry this is happening to your boy. The parents of those bullies have failed completely as human beings. Kids learn this stuff at home. They learn to dehumanize others and feel good about it. This is so wrong.

      Thank you for this great comment.

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  2. “People say that riots will end if Biden wins”

    Many people are idiots affected by hubris… you don’t wind up something like the US 2020 riots and just….. stop them. An idiotic idea if I’ve ever heard one.
    It’s hard (but not impossible) to start a social- political- movement. It’s impossible to channel it once it’s started.

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    1. I dunno. If you take that as an admission that the DNC higher-ups actually started the riots, equipped and funded them, and are still the main force keeping them going, then it’s at least plausible that they could just give the order and stop them.


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