Debate Postmortem

The idea that “the officer and the gentleman” routine will win against people who burn cities in a tantrum, collapse the economy on a whim, invent Russia collusions and Blasey Ford hoaxes is ludicrous.

Trump won in 2016 because he doesn’t play a game whose rules were set by the opponents.

A Fly on His Head

And now Pence has frittered away an opportunity to talk about the riots. He mentioned it in passing and then went on to some inane point about legislation and school choice.

In response, Harris destroyed him with well-placed references to her career as a prosecutor.

And he has a fly sitting on his head. This is a disaster.

Harris Wins

I detest Harris and everything she represents but she’s killing it today. Pence is clumsy, wooden, and sleepy. He’s a typical Republican that even Republicans have had it with. He’s talking obsessively about things nobody gives a crap about, rolls out ridiculous stories about his insignificant relatives – he’s terrible.

Right at this moment, he’s dropped the subject of abortion – which his base cares about – and went on and on about Suleimani. Suleimani who? Boo who. Nobody remembers. Seriously, there’s a need to bring up Suleimani? Then he veered off into… the Knights of Columbus. What a dolt.

Harris is coming off as personable, energetic, and completely deferring to Biden. And, what’s even more important, she’s talking about stuff people care about. Yes, she’s lying like a maniac but she’s not blabbing idiotically about Knights of Fucking Columbus.

She also constantly repeats Biden’s name with great warmth. She’s doing great. Pence, in the meantime, is reminding me why I hated the Republican party until very recently.

Pence Bombs

I can’t watch this. Pence is terrible. Of all the things he could respond to Harris, he started with the embassy in Jerusalem – a truly burning issue for the industrial Midwest – and then gave Harris a gift of an emotional story that she handled a million times better than he, in his signature woodenness ever could.

The Veep Debate

So I finally turned it on and all I see is Harris go on and on, listing every hoary Facebook hoax and Pence is just sitting there, completely silent.

He’ll never be able to debunk every single one of these crazy lies. So what’s the alternative to Trump’s aggressive strategy of interrupting?

Kamala is now rolling out the Russia hoax like it hasn’t been completely disproven.

She’s still nattering on. It’s insane.

A Missed Chance

The only reason I didn’t apply for a job in Fargo a couple of years ago is that they aren’t a big techie hub and N feared he’d never get employed. Now he’s working from home anyway, and the weather in Fargo is 30 degrees cooler right now than here.

I missed a chance of a lifetime.

A Kid’s Job

Pediatrician: Does your child spend at least an hour a day in active play?

Klara: I’m a kid. All I do is play. Playing is my job. When I grow up, I will have a real job and be a boss like my Mommy.

Pediatrician: Does she speak in complete sentences and answer simple questions in a meaningful way?


You just never know how you’ll feel about things until you actually try.

I have discovered that one thing that really really REALLY bugs me about being Chair is the reception. The secretary is great. She does everything and is very nice and quiet. But I feel so much better when she’s not there. She’s on vacation next week and I can’t wait. I just can’t relax when somebody is constantly lurking in the background.

What I thought would bug me – people dropping in to chat about their lives and an endless barrage of emails – turned out to be my favorite parts of the job.

I have an unusual brain that thrives on interruption. I lose my thread and get distracted when I’m not interrupted, weird as it is.