Debate Postmortem

The idea that “the officer and the gentleman” routine will win against people who burn cities in a tantrum, collapse the economy on a whim, invent Russia collusions and Blasey Ford hoaxes is ludicrous.

Trump won in 2016 because he doesn’t play a game whose rules were set by the opponents.

14 thoughts on “Debate Postmortem”

  1. “‘the officer and the gentleman’ routine…”

    Are you referring to Pence’s performance in the debate??

    That’s ALWAYS what Pence does when he speaks publicly. It’s his job as VP to be the absolute antithesis of Trump in temperament and personality — like the “straight man” in an old comedy team (think Abbot and Costello, or Martin and Lewis). He can’t go out of character while on stage.


    1. In other words, he’s such an old fart that he can’t adapt to changing circumstances even when an election is at stake. This truly fills me with hope.


      1. Nah, Pence would have totally blown it by acting anything like Trump tonight.

        Besides, VP debates never — as in NOT EVER in U.S. history, since the first VP debate in 1976 — make any difference at all in the election outcome. Nobody cares about any politician as insignificant as the American Vice-President.

        (Yes, I know that the pundits were all saying that this one VP debate would actually matter, because the old man who becomes President might croak in office — but NAH!)


          1. Trump already broke the RNC. It will take a while to cycle the old relics out of the system, but they are going. Pence is there as a token/placeholder until ’24 when the new crop is ready to take over.

            With any luck, this election will break the DNC, and we’ll finally get to see if they’ve got anything new/better to offer.


            1. I can’t believe how many people are cheering on the return of the RNC relics like Pence. Don’t they see how destructive they have been? They can’t get elected worth a crap.

              Trump saved the Republican party from utter irrelevance.


  2. Nobody won anything. It’ll all be forgotten tomorrow, fly and bloodshot eye. They both answered the questions they wish they had been asked instead of the actual questions.


      1. “Sleek, charming liars ”

        All the democrats this cycle either had at least one foot in the grave or are as you put it “Sleek, charming liars ” (I might debate the ‘charming’ part…)

        Even if Biden-Harris win I don’t see any way out of the mess that the democrats have created for themselves of becoming a third world kleptocratic patronage machine….


        1. “a third world kleptocratic patronage machine….”

          This is a republican problem too but with an incumbent president there wasn’t much opportunity for younger republican hopefuls to embarrass themselves by outing themselves as shysters like Buttigieg, Harris, Klobuchar et al did…


          1. “reverting to being a patronage machine”

            Yeah, a lot of hard work went into turning the political scene into anything else but raw, naked patronage (however imperfectly and incompletely) and now that’s all been undone because of the pathological greed of the ruling class….


  3. In elections, you really have 3 brands being marketed at the same time – the party, the president, and the vice president. If you have a voter who likes the party but hates the presidential candidate, it makes sense to give them a vice presidential candidate that they can either like, or at least accept, because if they like the party but don’t align or are repelled by both candidates, then you lose the vote.

    To illustrate, look at the democrats and, say, black voters. Many black voters like the Democrat brand, but don’t particularly like Biden because he comes off as being cognitively challenged/sniffs hair, and they don’t like Harris because she speaks about locking up black people with glee. That makes 1 tick for the brand and 2 crosses for the candidates.

    Those same voters, even though they don’t particularly like the Republican brand, they like Trump and are at least neutral about Pence. That makes 1 tick for the brand of Trump and two blank spots (neither a tick nor a cross) for the party and the vice president. One tick and two blank spots wins over one tick and two crosses.

    If anyone has watched a movie called Moneyball – politics has gone that way a bit.


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