Harris Wins

I detest Harris and everything she represents but she’s killing it today. Pence is clumsy, wooden, and sleepy. He’s a typical Republican that even Republicans have had it with. He’s talking obsessively about things nobody gives a crap about, rolls out ridiculous stories about his insignificant relatives – he’s terrible.

Right at this moment, he’s dropped the subject of abortion – which his base cares about – and went on and on about Suleimani. Suleimani who? Boo who. Nobody remembers. Seriously, there’s a need to bring up Suleimani? Then he veered off into… the Knights of Columbus. What a dolt.

Harris is coming off as personable, energetic, and completely deferring to Biden. And, what’s even more important, she’s talking about stuff people care about. Yes, she’s lying like a maniac but she’s not blabbing idiotically about Knights of Fucking Columbus.

She also constantly repeats Biden’s name with great warmth. She’s doing great. Pence, in the meantime, is reminding me why I hated the Republican party until very recently.

9 thoughts on “Harris Wins”

  1. Lol, I feel like we are watching 2 different debates. I can’t stand her, her phony smile, how she tries sooo hard to be sincere, while I see Pence as calm, collected and rational.


    1. I can’t stand her either but if people wanted a soporific, business-as-usual, old-timer slogan Republican, they had a whole stage of them in 2016. Who is he trying to appeal to? The MAGA crowd? The working class? Suburban moms?


  2. Trump, obviously, is doing fine with COVID. But if the worst had happened and it became a Biden vs. Pence election, I’d vote for Biden in a heartbeat. I don’t think there’s any logical argument that could get me to change my mind.


    1. Exactly. I hear Pence and I feel like I bit into a very sour lemon. I wouldn’t vote for this guy or anything he represents. He’s beyond clueless.


      1. The judges are Pence’s and McConnell’s bailiwick and you absolutely love those judges. You really have to admit they’ve been laser focused on it. McConnell did his best to make sure Obama filled as little vacancies as possible and between them they filled as many of them during the Trump administration. Who do you think came up with the shortlists? Trump?

        The judges are Pence’s, McConnell’s and Trump’s signature achievement that will last. Roe v. Wade is gone and the ACA, Griswold v. Connecticut is next. Amy Covid Barrett is itching to rule on cases that overturn them.

        And it’s not like you haven’t grown to love people with offputting physicalities. Or grown to hate people you’ve had mild crushes on.

        You’re voting for Trump and Pence comes with him. Pence is not a deal breaker for you. And Trump would not have won all those religious conservatives without Pence.


        1. We heard all this with Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. Yet since their appointment, all the court did was advance an ultra-progressive agenda.

          I have no idea how after decades of this insanity anybody can still take “Roe is under threat” seriously. Roe’s only relevance is as a way to inflame low-information voters.


          1. They could overturn Roe tomorrow, and most states would immediately reinstate it at the state level. In the few that didn’t, there would be immediate court challenges. Like it or not, while most of the population doesn’t actually support abortion for any reason up to birth, most do support some kind of abortion access, and a ban would not be a good way to stay in office for anyone.


            1. Exactly. And using telemedicine to get a doctor to prescribe you an abortion pill is a matter of minutes.

              It’s like people still live in the 1970s when abortions were surgical and you needed to travel to a physical location to get it done. All through the pandemic, Planned Parenthood has been prescribing abortion pills through telemedicine. Nobody needed to go anywhere. You ban abortion in Alabama, what’s easier than getting an online doctor in California to prescribe and an online pharmacy to mail you a pill?

              And I’m not even mentioning how easy it is to buy outside of the healthcare system. Banning abortion is as realistic as banning porn. That battle has been won by technology and medical advances. It’s over. We can debate whether that’s good or bad. But the fact remains. Cancer patients couldn’t get treated during the pandemic but abortion seekers had easy access to tele-scrips.


  3. “Harris (…)’s killing it today”

    The VP pick is supposed to highlight the candidate’s decision making ability (in terms of discovering talent, dealing the the party structure and keeping the electoral map on the radar)

    The thing with Harris is that I can’t imagine Biden had anything but a cursory, symbolic role in the process. She was so unpopular with voters (despite massive party machine and media support) that she dropped out before the late, lamented Iowa caucus (who would ever put any stock in it again after the party machine destroyed its credibility?)

    Pence was very obviously a sop to traditional republican fossils still fixated on the cultural wars and the only positive thing that can be said about him was that he didn’t go out of his way to embarrass his boss… and his gesture of goodwill was not reciprocated as they still persist in their grim death march chasing tax cuts and cheap labor with no rights…

    What a sad, sorry spectacle this whole election has been.


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