Kids in Crisis

A chart of failing grades from one school district that’s moved its learning to online and hybrid:

Obviously, kids from difficult backgrounds are the most heavily impacted. Just as obviously, our brave anti-racists don’t give a crap.

6 thoughts on “Kids in Crisis”

  1. The problem is so much bigger than that. What I’m hearing through the homeschool grapevine (number of homeschoolers may have tripled or quadrupled this year, and our help/advocacy groups are fielding crazy numbers of questions from people who are still investigating their options), is that a lot of schools/districts have effectively opted out of grades for the duration of the crisis– so everybody passes, no matter what.


    1. They are playing silly games with these grades that will come back to bite them. You are homeschooling, so you know that it’s all about consistency. Suspend regular learning for a year and coming back will be impossible unless you can do intensive one-on-one remediation. Unless they cancel grades forever, there’s no escaping from these results.


  2. I have been marking essays and tests on the work done during the school lockdown when all classes went online in Italy and I’m desperate: most students have not retained anything of what was done then, and even after a month of revision (we went back to in-presence teaching on September 1) they have very little to show for it. The best students simply scraped by, the others just collapsed into an abyss of unknowing. All my colleagues have told me they have had the same experience. Of course, one must add that last year the government ordered the passing of all students by legislative fiat through a special last-minute decree.

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    1. My husband has been doing a vocational program all this time, and has the same complaint, from the student side. It’s only a two-year program, this is the most important stretch of it, and he feels he is learning almost nothing. They missed out on two semesters of labs and clinicals. They’re not getting the schooling they signed up for. OTJ training for these guys is going to have to take up the slack for a couple of years.

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      1. We had a town hall (such an annoying word) with students and parents, and this is what they are all saying. They feel cheated out of a real education and want a refund. And I don’t blame them.


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