You just never know how you’ll feel about things until you actually try.

I have discovered that one thing that really really REALLY bugs me about being Chair is the reception. The secretary is great. She does everything and is very nice and quiet. But I feel so much better when she’s not there. She’s on vacation next week and I can’t wait. I just can’t relax when somebody is constantly lurking in the background.

What I thought would bug me – people dropping in to chat about their lives and an endless barrage of emails – turned out to be my favorite parts of the job.

I have an unusual brain that thrives on interruption. I lose my thread and get distracted when I’m not interrupted, weird as it is.

One thought on “Self-awareness”

  1. I find you get used to it, the lurking. This involves realizing you really are the one in charge, and really can ignore them. I am trained to pay more attention to others if they are there than to myself, so I used to really need to be alone to relax and concentrate.


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