Words Mean Nothing

I’m now binge reading all JK Rowling murder mysteries and I can’t get over people thinking that she’s a radical feminist. In the series, a beautiful, slender young woman with golden hair falls in love with a fat, hairy, chain-smoking, one-legged guy who’s so broke he sleeps in his office. Obviously, anybody who ever stood next to a feminist would wonder why there are no novels about a beautiful golden-haired young guy falling in love with a fat, hairy, one-legged… and so on.

Words really mean nothing any more. I saw a woman on Twitter today claim that she’s a Marxist who doesn’t believe in economic forces.

2 thoughts on “Words Mean Nothing”

  1. You’re right – the radical feminist part of the label “TERF” doesn’t mean much when applied to JK Rowling.

    I think people use it to differentiate between someone who is a complete bigot (women should be at home with the babies, gay people or trans people should be killed, etc.) and someone who (in their minds) is a bigot only when it comes to trans people.

    I agree with you that this is a topic where asking questions or expressing any minor disagreement gets you labeled a bigot.

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  2. “…a Marxist who doesn’t believe in economic forces”

    Perhaps as in Groucho-Marxist? – “Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others.”

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