Anarchists vs Whitmer

I don’t even know which headlines are serious anymore. Anarchists tried to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer? And do what with her?

This has gotten too crazy.

What Makes You Difficult?

When I became Chair, everybody warned me about two people who were going to be extremely difficult. I went in prepared for endless aggravation from these two.

But guess what? They turned to be the easiest, most pleasant people to work with.

I now realize that what many perceive as “difficult” is that these two know exactly what they want and they verbalize it strongly, clearly, and decisively. I don’t mind being pushed because I can push back. Or not if an argument is clearly articulated to me and I find it convincing.

What I do mind is the people with a low tolerance for conflict who try to communicate their feelings through passive-aggressive sulking. I’d so much rather have somebody say, “this schedule / textbook / whatever” is inconvenient to me. This is what I propose instead” than have them go into a sulk, forcing me to guess what they are unhappy about.

Need a Change

Remember when back in 2015 Trump said, on the debate stage, “The war in Iraq was a mistake”? Everybody squealed that now he was going to lose for sure. And we all know what happened then.

The day when a Dem candidate says on a national stage, “Diversity is our strength? That’s just stupid. Systemic racism? What an idiotic idea,” Democrats will become invincible.

People are tired of the same old pieties on both sides. “Taxes, wars, abortion” on the Republican side and “racism, diversity, abortion” on the Dem side have bored everybody stiff.

Yes, there’s a small, loud group of ultra-educated people on both sides who love it. But nobody else cares.

I’m more hopeful for Republicans because they do have young people who are going in a different direction. Among Democrats, maybe the very old Bernie did that but even he gave up. Now they’ve got nobody. I’d like to be mistaken and maybe the new generation is about to make an appearance but for now Democrats are pretty hopeless.

Extreme Cluelessness

The reason why Republicans have lost every culture war was on full display at the debate yesterday. They simply don’t know how to discuss what people care about. What can possibly be easier given what’s going on? Lockdowns and riots – that’s what people care about. Instead, he went on about ridiculous things that matter to a few deranged wonks and nobody else.

I didn’t hear the first part but I really hope, I really really hope that he didn’t utter the words “tax cuts.” Because that would be cluelessness of autistic proportions.

Not a single appeal to the elderly – a demographic that Trump is losing. Zero response to Harris’s “we will lower Medicare eligibility to 60.” How can you let something like this go? Not a wink towards the MAGA crowd. Nothing about Trump’s efforts to appeal to the black voters.

What a disaster.

Memory Lane

I know what this debate reminded me of.

2012. Obama vs Romney.

Romney was so polite, so gentlemanly, and so clueless as to what his voters actually wanted to see. The stupid blunders, too. Remember “binders full of women”? This is identical to Pence bringing up school choice instead of screaming to the skies that there is no school at all and bleating about the embassy in Jerusalem instead of mentioning the Jews who were beaten up in NYC for celebrating Sukkot yesterday.

Yes, the base will be totally energized by his riveting account of the death of Suleimani three weeks before the election. Can’t wait to go vote for more Suleimanis because it’s not like we’ve got any other problems right now.