Extreme Cluelessness

The reason why Republicans have lost every culture war was on full display at the debate yesterday. They simply don’t know how to discuss what people care about. What can possibly be easier given what’s going on? Lockdowns and riots – that’s what people care about. Instead, he went on about ridiculous things that matter to a few deranged wonks and nobody else.

I didn’t hear the first part but I really hope, I really really hope that he didn’t utter the words “tax cuts.” Because that would be cluelessness of autistic proportions.

Not a single appeal to the elderly – a demographic that Trump is losing. Zero response to Harris’s “we will lower Medicare eligibility to 60.” How can you let something like this go? Not a wink towards the MAGA crowd. Nothing about Trump’s efforts to appeal to the black voters.

What a disaster.

22 thoughts on “Extreme Cluelessness”

    1. The one poem of hers I know and like is “Gretel in Darkness.”

      Gretel In Darkness
      Poem by Louise Glück

      This is the world we wanted.
      All who would have seen us dead
      are dead. I hear the witch’s cry
      break in the moonlight through a sheet
      of sugar: God rewards.
      Her tongue shrivels into gas . . .

      Now, far from women’s arms
      and memory of women, in our father’s hut
      we sleep, are never hungry.
      Why do I not forget?
      My father bars the door, bars harm
      from this house, and it is years.

      No one remembers. Even you, my brother,
      summer afternoons you look at me as though
      you meant to leave,
      as though it never happened.
      But I killed for you. I see armed firs,
      the spires of that gleaming kiln–

      Nights I turn to you to hold me
      but you are not there.
      Am I alone? Spies
      hiss in the stillness, Hansel,
      we are there still and it is real, real,
      that black forest and the fire in earnest.


  1. Or the Republicans just sucked Harris into using up her best talking points, which will be replied to by Trump himself on Twitter at his leisure and with his framing. Who knows.


    1. “happening under his supervision”

      In what sense to you believe this to be true?

      a) Pence is orchestrating the riots?

      b) Pence has directed local and state police to ignore the “riots and mayhem” and not arrest the perpetrators?

      c) Pence has failed to apply, over the certain objections of local and state authority, the considerable federal powers of militarization that attend the Insurrection Act of 1807?

      Do tell.


      1. Well, the riots are happening during the Trump administration, he certainly can’t blame Biden for that, now can he?


        1. “he certainly can’t blame Biden for that, now can he?”

          You’re pulling everyone’s leg, right?

          Now, why don’t you take a stab at telling us if it’s a), b), or c) that best explains how Pence is supervising the riots?


          1. He is not supervising the riots, he and the Trump administration are supervising the country. If you are a manager and things to to shit during your shift, you are responsible for that.


              1. Because hardly anybody remembers them. They happened in one city over the period of one week. Pales in comparison to the ongoing public unrest of 2020 that has gone on for months in many cities across the country.


              2. I care because I live here. The riots opened a gigantic crime wave in the area. Do you believe Biden was to blame for those riots?


              3. They happened during his administration, so it would certainly be ridiculous for him to blame Trump for that.


              4. Given that Trump wasn’t running for anything and it wasn’t MAGA people burning, killing and looting, yes, it would be.

                Today, however, the people who are murdering, looting and burning are all Biden voters. All of them. And it’s Democrat-run cities that they are destroying with full approval of the authorities.

                If it were MAGA people doing that, I’d have the courage to recognize it and not vote for their candidate.

                Why don’t you?


              5. There are consequences to all this “trolling” and “owning the libs” divisive narrative that has gotten so much worse during the Trump administration. He bears responsibility for that.

                In a different smarter administration, the presidency would coordinate with governors and mayors to calm things down and bring things under control. Trump/Pence do the opposite, they add fuel to the fire.

                Case and point, he now talks about not accepting the results of the November 3rd election. Do you think that is constructive in any way? Do you think that brings harmony and peace, or does it do the opposite to say such things?


              6. Remember Obama? I was a great admirer. He spoke so well about peace and harmony. Yet with him, the world became a lot less peaceful. Libya, Yemen, ISIS, Syria, Ukraine. The guy has been insanely destructive to the world. Unlike Trump who made the world a lot more peaceful. This is undisputable objective reality. But we aren’t noticing because we are being manipulated and riled up like trained poodles to not notice. Isn’t that maddening? Doesn’t it get upsetting by this point?


              7. “Trump/Pence do the opposite, they add fuel to the fire.”

                “the riots and mayhem… is happening under his [Pence’s] supervision”

                “he now talks about not accepting the results of the November 3rd election”

                Propaganda is an art form based in loudly and persistently accusing others of your own political crimes.

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              8. “There are consequences…” I keep seeing this Democrat talking point repeated by people as though they came up with it themselves. It says so much about the current left mindset: they think they are the schoolmarms of the world, wielding the ruler of social justice on the knuckles of all us unruly schoolchildren.


            1. “He [Pence] is not supervising the riots”

              You’re confusing me now as you previously said that the riots were “happening under his supervision”.

              If Pence isn’t supervising the riots of likely Biden voters, then who is? Don’t keep us all in suspense.


  2. Pence absolutely mentioned the tax cuts because that’s the one tangible legislative achievement the administration can take credit for. He would’ve mentioned it even if there wasn’t a section on taxes. He didn’t mention the CARES Act because he was desperately trying to get people not to focus on COVID.

    Pence really should have gotten his makeup team to shoot some fucking Visine into his eyes. He really needed project health and vitality and not… whatever that was. Matt Gaetz couldn’t have given him or Trump makeup pointers?


    1. He looked wooden and like he was trying (and failing) not to fall asleep.

      It’s really funny, though, that he isn’t getting criticized for any of this. He’s getting criticized for one thing he’s not guilty of: bad manners. The guy was the perfect gentleman who treated Harris like she was a porcelain doll. But he’s getting vilified for being too aggressive with her.

      It’s his “binders full of women” moment. The poor guy tried so hard to please his opponents and they destroyed him for that.


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