Memory Lane

I know what this debate reminded me of.

2012. Obama vs Romney.

Romney was so polite, so gentlemanly, and so clueless as to what his voters actually wanted to see. The stupid blunders, too. Remember “binders full of women”? This is identical to Pence bringing up school choice instead of screaming to the skies that there is no school at all and bleating about the embassy in Jerusalem instead of mentioning the Jews who were beaten up in NYC for celebrating Sukkot yesterday.

Yes, the base will be totally energized by his riveting account of the death of Suleimani three weeks before the election. Can’t wait to go vote for more Suleimanis because it’s not like we’ve got any other problems right now.

6 thoughts on “Memory Lane”

    1. Well… yeah. Did anybody really think the people in congress actually wrote the legislation?? It’s clearly not their job. It’s like expecting me to write the books I teach in class.


  1. That’s because the Republican party as a whole don’t have any new fresh ideas, and therefore must rely on emotions and a showman to excite their base.


      1. That’s why I speak of the Republican party as a “whole,” meaning the entire party. The war in Iraq that they started was an unmitigated disaster and still on-going, so starting another war is clearly out of the question…for now.

        It’s a party devoid of any fresh ideas on how to tackle the other major issues that affect the country. There is no “Trumpcare,” there is no alternative to the Paris agreement to address climate change, absolutely nothing on addressing the one inequality that does affect everybody, which is wealth inequality, nothing on a long term solution to illegal immigration, nothing on privacy protections and reigning in the dystopian power of mega corporations, etc.

        If I am wrong and there really are some fresh ideas that they are proposing, then please do tell.


  2. Correct, he did not mention any of the lock downs limitations but these are not in the realm of his or authority. I think he did stay pretty good on topic and responded with honesty. He was not very exciting but how many older white guys are?

    Trump made the debates an entertainment event and we got used to expect fireworks, but in general before him they were snooze fest, just like the one yesterday.


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