Need a Change

Remember when back in 2015 Trump said, on the debate stage, “The war in Iraq was a mistake”? Everybody squealed that now he was going to lose for sure. And we all know what happened then.

The day when a Dem candidate says on a national stage, “Diversity is our strength? That’s just stupid. Systemic racism? What an idiotic idea,” Democrats will become invincible.

People are tired of the same old pieties on both sides. “Taxes, wars, abortion” on the Republican side and “racism, diversity, abortion” on the Dem side have bored everybody stiff.

Yes, there’s a small, loud group of ultra-educated people on both sides who love it. But nobody else cares.

I’m more hopeful for Republicans because they do have young people who are going in a different direction. Among Democrats, maybe the very old Bernie did that but even he gave up. Now they’ve got nobody. I’d like to be mistaken and maybe the new generation is about to make an appearance but for now Democrats are pretty hopeless.

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