Masks And Mao

When I saw a video of Joe Biden pulling down his mask, coughing into his palm, and then tugging it back on, I felt kinder towards him than I had for a long time. He’s normal! He’s human! He knows it’s all a big joke!

But then I remembered that he wants a national mask mandate and my warm and fuzzy feelings faded.

But hey, if you think national politics is bad, here’s the person who is about to beat the current mayor of Portland in an election:

I bet this makes you see Ted Wheeler in a different light. It’s all about the perspective!


What is frustrating is that the UN, which is supposed to be an international organization, is trying to impose rules of politeness that have zero meaning to anybody who’s not a native speaker of English.

This is a clear-cut case of cultural imperialism. We are obsessed with prim and proper behavior, we are extremely uncomfortable around genitals, so do as we say, you dirty interrupting bastards.

I’m trying to imagine explaining this concept to somebody in Ukraine, and it’s useless. We don’t have those wilted-flower-type ladies who take to their fainting couches if somebody interrupts. It’s ridiculous.

Instead of “mansplaining,” let’s talk about Anglo-splaining because the level of condescension is through the charts.

Screw Grandma

Here’s a heart-breaking article about nursing home residents protesting against the lockdowns. “We’d rather die of COVID than loneliness,” they say.

In the rush to dismantle our lives to “save grandmas”, we saved no grandmas and forgot to ask any actual grandmas what they want to happen.

I know a 78-year-old woman hospitalized with extreme depression because she can’t live without seeing her 7 grandchildren.

But hey, at least Microsoft can outsource, right? Screw grandma.

Told You So

Microsoft is moving part of its workforce to permanently remote work. Including, international remote work. Which is a fancy way of saying “outsourcing.”

Crowds of people online celebrating this because it’s so convenient. “I can live anywhere I want!” they exclaim.

And they can hire anywhere they want, you simpleton. And you can’t say anything because this isn’t about profits. It’s about saving liiiiiives.

Totalitarianism Today

The people who see this and say, “Ah, that’s great! What a wonderful thing to do! Nobody who isn’t a racist will suffer from this” are getting ready to drag others to the dungeons and brutalize them.

And the people who shrug and move on are the ones who will be dragged away and beaten by the first group.

Full of Surprises

Klara approached me with a severe look on her face and asked menacingly, “Mommy, do you worship idols? It’s not OK to worship idols. Prophet Elijah said that the worshippers of Baal…”

After I stopped choking on my coffee, I realized that she and N have a new hobby which consists of reading a thick illustrated children’s Bible.