What is frustrating is that the UN, which is supposed to be an international organization, is trying to impose rules of politeness that have zero meaning to anybody who’s not a native speaker of English.

This is a clear-cut case of cultural imperialism. We are obsessed with prim and proper behavior, we are extremely uncomfortable around genitals, so do as we say, you dirty interrupting bastards.

I’m trying to imagine explaining this concept to somebody in Ukraine, and it’s useless. We don’t have those wilted-flower-type ladies who take to their fainting couches if somebody interrupts. It’s ridiculous.

Instead of “mansplaining,” let’s talk about Anglo-splaining because the level of condescension is through the charts.

4 thoughts on “Anglo-splaining”

  1. Ah, all the woke types, along with a lot of hypocritical pundits and Democrats on TV, are now accusing Pence of misogynistic bullying for interrupting his opponent during a debate.

    Remember the Democratic primary debates when Harris viciously interrupted Biden repeatedly and yelled all sorts of mean accusations at him — wasn’t that a clear case of elder abuse? (Crickets from the woksters.)


  2. My parents, who’ve been married fifty years and despise each other, are difficult to have around as a unit, because my mother constantly asserts her dominance by interrupting and talking over Dad. Should I explain to her that she’s “manterrupting”?


    1. “trying to imagine explaining this concept to somebody in Ukraine”

      A lot of these concepts that get western feminists excited just sound….. stupid if you translate them into any other language – try to talk about ‘microagressions’ in Spanish or Ukrainian…. About 18 months ago my university sent out a couple of …. information? postings on dealing with transgender students (exceedingly rare here) and the prose was so tortured that it was painful to read.

      Also our new rector (head of the university) is a woman (the first in the institution’s history) and she was chosen largely on the basis of a debate where she simply was a lot more impressive to a lot more people. Perhaps the UN should check the debate to see if she was being stifled and interrupted too much….

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      1. “let’s talk about Anglo-splaining”

        There’s…. ‘controversy’ about the Polish words Murzyn, Murzynka (Black man, Black woman) that seems motivated mostly by English speakers. There’s no real evidence that a majority of… Blackish… native speakers of Polish (mostly the result of African-Polish pairings) find the word offensive – Africans who have settled in Poland and who are fluent in the language are mixed, there’s nothing like unanimity on the issue – and the proposed alternates like czarnoskóry (black-skinned) are worse

        It mostly seems to bothers English speakers who don’t know the language well (or at all) and so….


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