Screw Grandma

Here’s a heart-breaking article about nursing home residents protesting against the lockdowns. “We’d rather die of COVID than loneliness,” they say.

In the rush to dismantle our lives to “save grandmas”, we saved no grandmas and forgot to ask any actual grandmas what they want to happen.

I know a 78-year-old woman hospitalized with extreme depression because she can’t live without seeing her 7 grandchildren.

But hey, at least Microsoft can outsource, right? Screw grandma.

4 thoughts on “Screw Grandma”

  1. The problem with a nursing home resident saying “I’d rather die of COVID than loneliness” is that this person cannot make a private personal decision only for oneself. If the demand is fulfilled, this will affect – nay, decide for – all other residents as well.

    “I know a 78-year-old woman hospitalized with extreme depression because she can’t live without seeing her 7 grandchildren.”

    But the children and grandchildren apparently can live with leaving her in a nursing home.

    Of course, there are different situations in life and one should not judge w/o knowing all facts. Are they truly unable to let her exit this nursing home, considering the covid situation and their relative’s mental state?


    1. My friend is living at home, actually. She was very active and mobile before this. She lives with her husband. But the isolation got to her. Months of being locked at home, not being able to hug her grandkids. It’s torture.

      And it’s horrible for the kids, too:


  2. I think the revealed preference of seniors is that they’re fine with some restrictions if it can keep them safe.

    There is a middle ground between total lockdown and total openness. Some harm reduction and common sense masking + ventilation + sanitation is a good policy until we have vaccines.

    Anyway, by revealed preference, I mean the seniors who are currently 2 to 1 for candidates who are more public health oriented in polls in the U.S.


    1. Unfortunately, what’s actually happening in nursing homes has little to do with either protecting the inmates OR respecting their wishes. They aren’t being taken outdoors. No visitors. And every time one of the staff tests positive they’re all locked in their rooms, and only see people when orderlies bring them meals and do welfare checks. Solitary confinement for people who’ve committed no crimes.

      I’d want to die, too.


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