Told You So

Microsoft is moving part of its workforce to permanently remote work. Including, international remote work. Which is a fancy way of saying “outsourcing.”

Crowds of people online celebrating this because it’s so convenient. “I can live anywhere I want!” they exclaim.

And they can hire anywhere they want, you simpleton. And you can’t say anything because this isn’t about profits. It’s about saving liiiiiives.

7 thoughts on “Told You So”

  1. Don’t they already have a lot of people in India and such places? Call our IT after hours and they’re in India, Guatemala, etc., and the community college had been looking, long before COVID, to hire people in India to teach online instead of hiring flesh and blood here. I don’t know how they justify this exactly, when you are supposed to hire people who have work visas, but I guess there is some way to finesse it


    1. The way I’ve seen it work on a corporate level is, you don’t hire individual remote employees in India. You contract with an IT company in India to cover your nighttime hours, so all those guys are not your employees— they’re the employees of some phone bank in Bangalore and they’re not your responsibility.


      1. Oh, right, I should have realized, just like the cleaning and food services, the groundspeople, almost everything now . . . so now it will also be professors 😉


  2. Yeah, tech companies have been doing this already. Outsourced development firms in low wage countries.

    The thing is, it has depressed wages some for people in these companies, but has probably had a bigger effect on the legacy media companies that they have cannibalized. Actually, I would think that they probably haven’t changed wages much for engineers in the valley. They can pull down ridiculous salaries + options. Hard to imagine them making more.


  3. Whatever happened to President Trump’s promise of “bring jobs back to America”?
    Companies are STILL outsourcing as much as they were prior to his ascension to the Oval Office.

    On the other side of the coin: If Biden/Harris wins what will become of their promise to raise Social Security income, increase medical benefits, and “raise taxes on the wealthy while cutting taxes for the middle class”?
    Those would probably go the same way as the Border Wall and “America First” I’m guessing.


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