Totalitarianism Today

The people who see this and say, “Ah, that’s great! What a wonderful thing to do! Nobody who isn’t a racist will suffer from this” are getting ready to drag others to the dungeons and brutalize them.

And the people who shrug and move on are the ones who will be dragged away and beaten by the first group.

8 thoughts on “Totalitarianism Today”

  1. I’d say that’s the last time I use Yelp, but… nah. I stopped looking at Yelp over a year ago, after I heard a couple of business owners talking about what a racket it is: people can put up bogus complaints about your business, but you can’t respond to them unless you sign up for a (paid) Yelp account. They’re basically an extortion outfit.


  2. Maybe it is long lockdown effect on my mind… but the first thing this reminded me of were the yellow star/triangles markings used by Nazis to identify Jews and Jewish establishments.

    Welcome to the new world order!

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      1. I don’t want to use these terms lightly, especially since their lazy overuse seems to be the trend nowadays. But I really think that there is a subliminal resonance of ideas here, since corporates are the neo-Nazis.

        The govt is totally disempowered and reduced to pandering to the social and news media controlled by the corporate giants. The capitalism in some sense is approaching its own inevitable singularity — I just did not see it would be this fast.


  3. There is a strange subliminal resonance of ideas here, since corporates are the neo-Nazis.

    The govt is totally disempowered and the power structures depend on influx of money and clout from the corporate houses, necessitating them to pander to the trends on the social and news media controlled by the very same rich guys. In some sense, the capitalism is reaching its very own inevitable singularity* — I just did not see it coming this fast.

    *It’s like a black hole — the more it devours, the bigger a void it creates at its very core!


  4. I only have a very vague idea of what yelp is/was and have never wanted to use it…. and now that’s morphed into determination to not use it….
    About the only time I use reviews are for hotels for vacation… and then I worked out a system that works pretty well – disregard anything too positive or too negative and look for patterns of things that generally positive reviews point out as problems. Those are usually pretty accurate.

    This… innovation of course has nothing to do with incidents of racism, it’s part of training people to be afraid of being accused of racism (years after any halfway intelligent and/or intellectually honest person realized the words ‘racist’ and ‘racism’ had been drained of any meaning beyond ‘I don’t like it!’).

    And again, it will disproportionately affect smaller businesses since capital has decided that small and medium businesses no longer serve its goals…


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