Last Time

Every decision, even a really minor one like whether to wear the fancy shoes to work, is tinged with the thought, “What if it’s the last time?”

Nothing should ever be delayed because things can easily be taken from us again.

It’s a Mystery

Are there going to be no mysteries set in 2020? What about mystery novel series? How are they going to explain that nothing happened for a year or whoever long this is going to take?

How about TV series? What are the writers supposed to do? Pretend nothing happened? Or film a long, boring Zoom meeting?

Food News

That mackerel turned out so amazing that for one shameful minute I actually considered hiding it from my husband. It should be illegal to cook this well. Somebody please outlaw me.

I also found a couple of young guys who grow microgreens and they will deliver wasabi mustard and radish microgreens to my house all winter.

A Non-political Post

Everybody is tired of politics, so here’s some non-political ramblings and musings.

We are going to Florida for Thanksgiving. On a real airplane! I’ve been staring dejectedly at airplanes for months… OK, this is getting political again.

I’m down to one novel in JK Rowling’s Cormoran Strike series. Career of Evil proved somewhat of a slog, so it’s taking longer than I thought to finish the series. This is why there haven’t been any book reviews. When I’m binging, I’m unstoppable.

I’m also trying to read Zora Neale Hurston for my book club. I’m not enjoying it so far but hopefully it gets better.

It’s again extremely hot around here and I have to sleep with the AC and an overhead fan at full speed.

Baked mackerel is for dinner tonight. I’m marinating it with lime slices. I discovered the existence of limes last week and now I’m a convert. No, seriously, I never bought limes before. I thought they were low-quality lemons when I saw them at the store.