No Decor

We went on our yearly hunt for cool Halloween designs around the neighborhood, and the results are depressing. The number of decorated houses is maybe 10% of what it usually is.

What is it? Are people depressed? If you decorated last year, there’s no added expense to putting up last year’s decorations.

We saw the same sad situation around July 4th.

Trick or treating is still on in these neighborhoods, at least.

Played Out

So Chris Christie who’s very fat but under the age of 60 recovered from COVID. Trump who’s 74 and not thin or fit also recovered really fast. Obviously, it’s not the same COVID as in March. It’s rapidly mutating. It has clearly mutated into a form that isn’t lethal or even mildly dangerous even to the formerly at-risk groups. The numbers around the country support this.

When can we turn off Zoom and leave captivity?

Whitmer Kidnapper is a BLMer

And hey, just for laughs, not only is one of the guys who plotted to kidnap Whitmer an anarchist, another is a BLMer. His name is Daniel Harris, and he’s been BLMing at least since May because he’s so upset over George Floyd:

One of alleged plotters, 23-year-old Daniel Harris, attended a Black Lives Matter protest in June, telling the Oakland County Times he was upset about the killing of George Floyd and police violence.

These are some really unconvincing “right-wing militias.”

Another BLM Shooting

Turns out that yet another Trump supporter was shot in the face by a BLMer. This happened yesterday in Denver. The shooter is in custody. The victim is in the morgue.

The list of the people shot in cold blood by peaceful BLMers is growing.

For anybody who wants to know what really happened in Denver, I suggest not reading the coverage provided by the propagandists at NYTimes and WashPo who are going into overdrive trying to pretend that the shooter was apolitical and didn’t have a long history of expressing hatred for conservatives and supporting left-wing causes.


Some unknown guy wrote something brilliant about marriage:

The upside to marriage is infinite insofar as it produces an absolute qualitative rupture. It’s a wormhole to another dimension, and the superiority of this dimension is felt but incalculable, incommensurable, there’s no common denominator to be found on the other side.

I did not know this until, like this man, I was forced to try. And yeah, it’s exactly what he says.

Of course, it only works if you do it right. This is how:

The infinite upside to marriage is only obtained if you do it right.

The key is you must be truly “all in,” meaning you will die before you even consider initiating a divorce.

Capacity for this affirmation (aka faith) is going extinct.

If you can, you enter the new dimension.

Absolutely true. And by the way, the quality of friendships improves dramatically, too, if you don’t treat them like a shopper at a mall.

Predictable Development

Of course, it had to happen. My cosmetics refrigerator now houses a bottle of cold milk. Klara demands cold milk first thing in the morning and has taken to pushing me out of my bed at the ungodly hour of 8 am to make me go get it.

Now I will be able to reach for the milk without getting out of bed.