Another BLM Shooting

Turns out that yet another Trump supporter was shot in the face by a BLMer. This happened yesterday in Denver. The shooter is in custody. The victim is in the morgue.

The list of the people shot in cold blood by peaceful BLMers is growing.

For anybody who wants to know what really happened in Denver, I suggest not reading the coverage provided by the propagandists at NYTimes and WashPo who are going into overdrive trying to pretend that the shooter was apolitical and didn’t have a long history of expressing hatred for conservatives and supporting left-wing causes.

One thought on “Another BLM Shooting”

  1. Twatter seems to think he was a Bernie Bro.

    Siblings and I spent the evening reviewing footage and photos trying to figure out wtf happened. There’s video of the dead biker (I’m inferring this from his “BLM: you’re f***ing right biker lives matter” shirt and the tattoos, no proof) arguing with some loudmouth dimwit clown, then walking offscreen. Seven seconds later the video records the hiss of mace spraying, followed rapidly by the gunshot. Denver Post’s photos cover some of that seven seconds offscreen, where biker dude slaps the hat and sunglasses off the shooter, shooter draws on him, biker takes a few steps back. But even with all those images, and so little time unaccounted for… what led to biker slapping the dude? It’s open-handed, he didn’t punch the guy. I expect that’ll be a subject for police statements.

    The cops have charged him with first degree murder.


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