A Good Harvest

Have you noticed how some restaurants are now making you scan a QR code to see a menu on your phone? This is supposedly done to “save lives” by preventing you from touching a menu.

Well, actually, it’s not about “saving lives” at all. It’s about harvesting and reselling your information.

5 thoughts on “A Good Harvest”

  1. “More people need to learn to say “I don’t have a smartphone””

    Or just “I don’t want to do that, I’d like to see a menu, please” (being willing to leave if no physical menu is forthcoming).
    I stopped going to one store where one of the salespeople was fanatically devoted to getting customers to download the chain’s app…


    1. Yeah, we had a grocery chain in town– a little overpriced, but they had a few things I couldn’t get anywhere else– and their discount/loyalty program required a smartphone. No deal. I have a dumb phone, and I’m sticking with it, and you can’t make me get a smartphone.


  2. One of our restaurants is now doing this and they alleged it saved money because their menu changes a lot and this way they don’t have to keep printing up more. I said an old-fashioned blackboard with the dishes of the day would work–many restaurants still do this–would work, or something printed out on the computer in black and white, lots of places do that too, and they said they wanted us to look at their nicely designed menu, in today’s version, but still with the nice full color design. Humph.

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