What happened in Denver

So an NBC affiliate found an angry, unhinged BLMer, hired him to work as security although he has no license, brought him to a pro-Trump demonstration, and he ended up shooting a guy that this very network had spent years demonizing.

There was a Law & Order episode like this, and I thought it was tasteless and exaggerated.

11 thoughts on “What happened in Denver”

  1. Waiting for the rest of this story. Victim’s family has a lawyer, and I would not be at all surprised if they end up with a massive settlement.

    My family has been abuzz: a couple of them are currently-licensed security people, and one has a decade+ of newsroom experience. They have all been giving me an earful about it. Unlicensed armed security is a BIG no-no. That was an epic screwup, and the TV station is probably liable. In addition, the producer for the TV station, who was with the shooter, was NOT wearing properly visible press credentials. This is legally required.

    Further afield, the Denver Post photog who was right there getting all those awesome pictures… was on video earlier shouting obscenities along with the antifa types.

    I’ve seen some suggestions out of the Portland and Seattle riots, that there is a protection racket going on with the press and the antifas: When they go in with a camera crew, they get shoved out. The small independent outlets have taken to dressing in hoodies and taking just a cell phone camera. The bigger outlets pay money to hire an antifa or BLM to accompany them, and let the mob know not to attack. That may be what was going on in Denver.

    In addition, though, there are some rumors that unscrupulous journalists at various riots, when they have been unable to get good pics or video, will go looking for someone wearing American flag or MAGA gear, and have their hired antifa escort pick a fight, so they can photograph it while the spittle is flying.

    Dude who was shot seemed like he might have been involved in, and walked away from, such a situation, seven seconds prior to being shot. There was this guy screaming in his face “Shoot me! Mace Me *&&^%!”. Deranged. Turns out that same guy, wearing the same shirt even, instigated a brawl at a Bernie Sanders rally some months ago. Juicy video out of that one, too. There’s video just after the shooting of what looks like the same guy, but in a different shirt plus a vest, leaving the scene jubilantly shouting something like “One less racist! Right in the dome!” I have serious questions about that guy. Was he paid to be there, so that the Denver Post could get good angry-conflict photos? Was Channel 9’s “security” maybe working a similar gig?

    Can’t prove it, but it seems plausible.


    1. Wow, fascinating stuff, thank you. I did wonder at the amazing quality of the photos that almost looked staged.

      Of course, none of this is getting reported to the mainstream. It’s all “they are all guilty because that’s what happens at a tense protest.”


      1. To be fair, a lot of that’s conjecture. If you’re an official news agency and you report that, and it turns out not to be true, you will be sued. Good reporting takes time. It’ll be interesting to see what comes out over the next couple of weeks.


  2. I believe it was all staged. I lived through the Ferguson debacle in 2014. We rescued my son from his grocery store job while the mob burned the city down. The National Guard was present but told to “stand down” and the the riots burn the city by our democratic governor. The press on the corners only reported the violent aspects of the story and never all the positive news that happened. When confronted by local residents about the bias, they would say, “This is the story we want to tell. Get lost.” Ferguson is where BLM originated and it was always a lie. The bused in protesters spent a year terrorizing residents. Now, it’s an annual “terror fest”. All the decent residents have moved. I had to move to make sure my family was safe. I never knew how corrupt the media was until I experienced it first hand. I’ll never watch the news the same again.


  3. How can people complain about how sexist Trump is, then say stuff like this? It boggles the mind.


    1. Lauren Hough grew up in the Children of God cult. Her opinions probably say more about the results of childhood trauma than anything else.

      Interestingly enough, Rose McGowan was also raised in the cult.


      1. “grew up in the Children of God cult”

        Aren’t they the Flirty Fishing people? (looks it up quickly) Yes, they are the Flirty Fishing people….gross and disgusting!


  4. Liked Rod Dreher linking to two articles:

    Deadly Sins Of Left & Right

    American Compass runs a couple of interesting features from partisan thinkers criticizing their own side.
    Here’s leftist academic Ruy Teixeira talking about the Five Deadly Sins of the Left.

    Meanwhile, conservative think-tanker Henry Olsen shares his Three Deadly Sins of the Right.



  5. What I’ll never be accepting of is the way those in charge want little guys like me to be so “morally perfect”, to be obedient of every law on the books (no matter how trivial) or else face harsh punishment, to have unconditional empathy for anyone I’ve “ruthlessly” offended with even a harsh word—even being ordered to provide restitution to them, and constantly be ever-so-conscientiously unconditionally responsible for everything around me

    …but then they’ll flagrantly shirk, circumvent, or even downright disregard laws or moral obligations that naturally come with the type of positions they’re supposed to be holding. When it comes to us it’s “shackles and chains” all the way. But for them they get to have all the carte blanche they want.
    It’s a shame that when “prejudice” is mentioned everyone thinks it’s a synonym for “racism” or “sexism”. What about “classism”?


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