Different Womanhood

I caught a glimpse of the confirmation hearings, and the image of womanhood – strong, calm, serious, resilient, logical – that ACB projects is a lot more feminist than the one Christine Blasey Ford projected.

11 thoughts on “Different Womanhood”

  1. OMG! The liberals and gays are getting hysterical because she used the phrase “sexual preference” instead of “sexual orientation” today at the hearings when she stated that she doesn’t discriminate against people (on the basis of “sexual preference”). I’m sure she’s anti-gay, but why get so upset about this so-called “dog whistle”? Actually, the phrase “sexual preference” could be said to be align with the perspective of queer theory, especially its claim against essentialized notions of homosexuality as innate and immutable. Queer theorists also would point out that the phrase “sexual orientation” is associated with a sense of shame in being gay: it implies that we can’t help being gay, we were born this way and can’t change (but if we could, we might).

    And imagine the shock of activists if she were to say that she’s opposed to gay marriage–but here again she would be agreeing with most queer theorists, who also oppose same-sex marriage.


  2. I find I can’t get too worked up about this one–this was as good as done before RBG’s body was cold. Hypocrisy sucks, but one can’t pretend the Republicans are the only ones who go in for that sort of thing.

    I’ll admit I liked the idea spreading around the social media about asking ACB about the emoluments clause, the Hatch Act, nepotism, etc., but that was a piece of theatre that wasn’t going to play anytime soon (and it wouldn’t have altered anything even if it did).

    I am all in on November 3, though–I’m not resigned to EVERYTHING quite yet.


  3. The nastiness out there about ACB… yikes. And to think it’s been generally accepted fact for decades that it’s conservatives who have an unhealthy obsession with other people’s private lives!


    1. “you like her voice?”

      Personally I’m not a fan of the adenoidal…. croakiness of her voice quality but apart from that she’s calm and collected and not a weepy, emotional wreck, so…. cool!


  4. ? The women on the court are Kagan and Sotomayor, and the one being replaced is Ginsburg. Those would be the people to compare to, I suppose, if the point is to compete on “womanhood” (yikes)


    1. RBG is from a different generation. Today her meek little wifey spiel about how she needs to go to law school to understand what her genius husband is saying would sound ridiculous even at a knitting bee in an evangelical church. Things have changed, and yay to that.


  5. In a logical world, people would insist that elected officials or important public figures were fair, objective, and competent. In the USA, though, it seems that people prefer elected officials or important public figures share their own biases and flaws.

    I’m not an expert or anything, but to me, that kind of thinking usually results in a society breaking up into separate tribes or teams, who drift further and further away from each other until they fight.


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