Biden’s Corruption

This is what Burisma was buying from Hunter Biden for $50,000 a month. The author of the email was a CEO of Burisma:

5 thoughts on “Biden’s Corruption”

  1. Mr. “I never talk to my son about business” is either lying, or he’s so dumb he didn’t realize his son was pimping him out for $50k/mo. Either way, how could anyone want this guy for president?


    1. After years of persecuting us all with their Russia collusion stories, now there’s finally a real Russia collusion and they don’t want to hear about it. Goes to show you have to be dotty to take them seriously when they go into their extreme outrage mode.


    1. “if you try to talk about it on twitter”

      Another day, another example of creeping Sovietism in the US: Twitter and Facebook are part of the Techsomol, doing what they can to make sure people have permitted opinions….

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