We Are Normal

Good news! Most people are normal.

ACB is an insanely impressive person. The only people who don’t recognize this are blinded either by deranged partisanship or by envy and resentment. It’s great that people are changing their minds and more will do so after they see her at the hearings. Also, it’s clear from this that people enjoy seeing competent, successful women, so this isn’t a massively sexist country, like some seem to insist.

ACB should be a feminist icon. We should see shelves of children’s books dedicated to her. And we will once we awaken from this temporary insanity that we are experiencing.

10 thoughts on “We Are Normal”

  1. She seems decent to me and it will be nice to have another anti-woke person on the court to balance things out a bit. Her decision on the Purdue University “sex assault” case gets her my approval; that case was kind of a bare minimum to see if someone respects due process and she clearly does.

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  2. I read through some of the transcripts of the hearing, and I left quite impressed. I think she’d be an excellent SC judge and Trump has chosen well!

    The Democrats’ main objection is that she’ll kill Roe v. Wade and the ACA. We all know that it’s not going to happen. Roe v. Wade is the goose that lays the golden eggs –in other words, gets the Evangelicals out to vote. The Conservatives themselves are not going to let it come to the SC. ACA is also quite popular and even Trump himself has affirmed the no pre-existing conditions rule. I’d be very surprised if the rest of it comes to, or is struck down by the SC.


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