Link of the Day

Here’s an absolutely brilliant essay by Bari Weiss on the death of liberalism.

I wish Weiss read Patrick Deneen and realized that what we are experiencing isn’t an aberration of liberalism. This is its natural development. And so is the profound anti-Semitism she’s talking about.

Unanswerable Questions

Here’s another question. If there’s absolutely nothing to these new allegations about Hunter Biden, why are Facebook and Twitter censoring the New York Post story, the account of the House Judiciary Committee and the account of the White House press secretary? They never censored the Steele dossier, the Julie Swetnick allegations, or, more recently, the completely unsourced story about Trump’s tax returns.

What’s the difference between these stories, the ones that get censored and the ones that don’t?

Also, for lifelong lefties, there’s this question. Doesn’t it bother you that the most powerful corporations in the world are batting so aggressively for your side? Doesn’t it make you question whether there’s anything wrong with the side you suddenly find yourself on?

What Did They Get?

People are losing sight of what really matters in the Biden corruption story. Yes, it’s terrible that Twitter and Facebook are censoring journalism and trying to influence the election. Terrible. But it isn’t new and it’s not the only thing worthy of attention.

The Russians who paid Hunter $3,5 million and the Ukrainians who paid him $50K a month are very serious, very deadly people. They aren’t known for throwing around money for fun or being duped into parting with cash for any random crack addict.

They got something in return for their money. Something big. Hunter obviously has nothing to give. The only person with something to give these people is his father. We need to ask what it is that he gave them. This is crucial information but it’s not even discussed.

Americans seem congenitally incapable of seeing anybody outside the country as an actual human being with interests and a will of his own. Russian and Ukrainian bandits kept giving Hunter money. They must have gotten something in return.

What did they get?