Keep the Fire Burning

It’s interesting that nobody ever gave anybody any gift cards to get tested for regular flu that this season killed 189 children. Actually, nobody tests asymptomatic people for flu at all.

10 thoughts on “Keep the Fire Burning”

  1. Gotta keep those numbers up.

    My husband had to get tested to go back to work. Cost us $170 out of pocket. Turned out to be just a stomach bug. If he gets sick again, he’ll probably just not mention it. He doesn’t make so much money that we can afford that on a regular basis.


  2. At the hospital, there’s a shortage of techs, a shortage of support techs, and a shortage of swabs, reagents, and things like that. It’s things like this that cause “the COVID wall,” which is essentially a week’s worth of unregistered and unordered samples waiting to be tested because we’re so damn far behind. It’s really very ridiculous.

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  3. So… apparently Twitter just crashed their whole platform trying to keep people from sharing dirt on the Bidens. Hilarious to me, I don’t use Twitter. But twitter addicts are losing their minds.


  4. Off-topic, but the town hall with Trump now showing live on NBC and MSNBC has started off as an entertaining farce. Interviewer Savannah Guthrie is asking Trump VERY hostile, angry questions, repeatedly interrupting him while Trump has so far kept his cool (at least “cool” by his standards) — actually making Trump look like the calm person in the room!

    I’m recording the Biden town hall on DVD and will watch it later.


  5. Apparently, on the ABC town hall Biden is saying things like: “Cops should de-escalate (life-and-death shootouts with violent armed criminals) by shooting criminals in the leg rather than to kill.”

    Keep it up, Joe! 🙂


      1. The two town halls couldn’t be any more different. Biden is being asked soft-ball questions, never being interrupted, and so far (still watching his town hall) he’s giving long-winded policy answers (or evading a real answer) but hasn’t had any senior moments, so I’d call this night a wash for him unless he says something really stupid.

        Three-fourths of the Trump town hall consisted of Guthrie coming across as aggressively angry and determined to provoke Trump. Many of her repetitive questions were about Trump’s specific COVID test results (“You don’t know exactly when you had your last COVID test????”) and his opinion of the totally insignificant QAnon cult (“Don’t say you don’t know what QAnon stands for — I just told you!”). She didn’t succeed in upsetting him — Trump remained uncharacteristically calm by his standards. I don’t think Trump hurt himself tonight. Whether his demeanor reassured any “suburban women” remains to be seen.

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  6. Respectfully, the quite steep increase in positive SARS-CoV-2 cases in Europe do not support the idea of this pandemic abating, nor needing to be fanned in any way in terms of real sickness.

    In terms of scaring the life out of Democrat voters and smearing Trump, though…well…that’s different.


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