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Here’s an absolutely brilliant essay by Bari Weiss on the death of liberalism.

I wish Weiss read Patrick Deneen and realized that what we are experiencing isn’t an aberration of liberalism. This is its natural development. And so is the profound anti-Semitism she’s talking about.

5 thoughts on “Link of the Day”

  1. I actually liked that a lot. I haven’t really liked anything else I’ve read of hers.

    I think I’ll end up buying The End of Liberalism. I found what I’ve read so far very interesting. While I enjoy the freedoms it has provided me, I also think it’s unsustainable for the planet in the long-term.


  2. “absolutely brilliant essay”

    Interesting read, thanks for posting.

    Well written, yes… brilliant – no. The author is too immersed in the personal and partisan politics of her New York in-crowd social circle to tell us much that is original about the important contemporary trends in western political thought that she is describing. I assume she must be well read but there’s not much evidence displayed here of any deep grounding in history and political philosophy.


  3. Well, I think it is pretty silly (I am putting it mildly, just giving them a benefit of doubt and assuming they have a genuine blind spot there and are not advancing their agenda cynically) for Weiss and other Jewish people with similar views (not to be confused with ALL Jewish people) to complain about the kind of censorship that is currently promoted in the name of “anti-racism”… Because it is a carbon-copy of the censorship they desire and insist on in the case of anti-Semitism.
    Weiss’ article itself has plenty of evidence…

    —It is why California attempted to pass an ethnic studies curriculum whose only mention of Jews was to explain how they, along with Irish immigrants, were invited into whiteness.

    I understand why things like that can alarm the Jewish people, but why anyone who is neither Jewish nor Irish should assume one group is more important than the other? (The whole idea of “invitation into whiteness” is questionable, but this is a different story.)

    —It is why Tamika Mallory, an outspoken fan of Louis Farrakhan, gets the glamour treatment in a photoshoot for Vogue.

    This looks like questioning why someone was not censored on the grounds of anti-Semitism from all platforms, including those that have nothing to do with Farrakhan or anti-Semitism (I actually checked the Vogue article linked by Weiss, it does not mention Farrakhan even once). How is this different from the demands that someone should be censored everywhere for crimes against critical race theory? Or is Weiss unhappy about multiple groups engaging in this type of censorship?

    —She [AOC] is the harbinger of a political reality in which Jews will have little power.

    If Weiss is serious and genuine when she is lamenting the decline of M.L. King’s version of anti-racism based on character and merit, then why Jews, as a group, should have any particular power? (Or more power than Irish, or Italians, or Poles?) Then no ethnic group should have power, only the appropriately meritorious individuals of strong moral character should have power, regardless of their race of ethnic origins. It may as well be that there might be somewhat more Jewish people, percentage-wise, that currently satisfy these conditions (next generation it may be Asians), but shouldn’t those people be color-blind and ethnicity-blind as well, and not use their power for the benefit of their particular ethnic group? (And therefore stop listening to Weiss.)


    1. You can’t beat this thing as a lonesome individual. You just can’t. It’s too big. You need a group. She’s trying to awaken a group. And it’s not just any group. It’s the group that’s behind all of these anti-racist seminars and BLM marches. She’s very correctly trying to show them that they are playing a game they can’t win.

      If anybody knows another way to stop very educated people with enormous cultural power of all of any ethnicity from trapping us all in woke madness, they should try that way. Let’s try every way and any way. This is getting to the point where it can’t be turned back.


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