Need an Update

So? How did it go?

People who watched, please share updates.

12 thoughts on “Need an Update”

  1. As I said in my comment under “Keep the Fire Burning,” I think tonight was a wash for both Trump and Biden. Trump stayed calm, Biden didn’t get confused or lost, and neither said ANYTHING new or different about their policy positions. (Trump still thinks he’s done everything right about COVID, and he has a “plan” for patients with re-existing conditions. Biden still won’t say if he opposes court-packing, he’s still in favor of banning fracking, and he supports a vague Green New Deal-lite.) The ball didn’t move in either court.

    Of curse, partisans commenting on other websites obviously saw totally different town halls than I did!

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      1. “Is it true that Biden said he believes in 7-year-old transgenders?”

        Something like that. One of the voters said she has a transgender child and asked Biden about the military’s “discriminatory” policy toward transgender persons. Biden gave a long, rambling answer that basically said he’d remove all restrictions.


        1. That one things alone should be enough not to vote for him. He supports mutilation of children. What can possibly be worse?

          Well, bombing out countries is terrible, too, and he’s all about that, as well.


  2. I watched 1/2 hr then decided I had better things to do.

    I wish the debate moderators would press Trump on exactly what his health care plan. He doesn’t have one! Guthrie started to ask him about this, but she let him get away with not really answering this question.


    1. Well there’s a thrilling series between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Houston Astros.

      I don’t think Trump’s voters really care about a new plan just that they don’t like Obamacare and think the status quo before that was better. Not having a plan isn’t a weakness for those people as long as Obamacare is repealed or declared unconstitutional. It doesn’t matter which. Details are for eggheads and sicklings.

      Anyone who gives a shit is not voting for Trump.


      1. Yes, yes, only Nazis and terrible people who don’t care vote for Trump. We’ve heard this non-stop for 4 years. You’d think there’s been a new tune but no luck.


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