What Did They Get?

People are losing sight of what really matters in the Biden corruption story. Yes, it’s terrible that Twitter and Facebook are censoring journalism and trying to influence the election. Terrible. But it isn’t new and it’s not the only thing worthy of attention.

The Russians who paid Hunter $3,5 million and the Ukrainians who paid him $50K a month are very serious, very deadly people. They aren’t known for throwing around money for fun or being duped into parting with cash for any random crack addict.

They got something in return for their money. Something big. Hunter obviously has nothing to give. The only person with something to give these people is his father. We need to ask what it is that he gave them. This is crucial information but it’s not even discussed.

Americans seem congenitally incapable of seeing anybody outside the country as an actual human being with interests and a will of his own. Russian and Ukrainian bandits kept giving Hunter money. They must have gotten something in return.

What did they get?

34 thoughts on “What Did They Get?”

  1. This has been investigated so much that Trump and Giuliani even got in trouble for how far they went to get dirt on Biden. If they had found something nefarious or illegal, it would be plastered all over the news.

    Trump is getting increasingly desperate, things are looking very grim for him and the Republican party. I expect a lot more dirt in the coming weeks.


    1. Investigated by whom, though?

      The question remains: why did these very criminal people pay Hunter? What were they paying for? Wouldn’t you like to know?


          1. You’re making the assumption that Hunter Biden got $3.5 million, where is the evidence for that?

            From what I have seen, there is no evidence supporting that. You can’t just make accusations without some evidence and ask the accused party to proof his innocence. As I said, this has been more than thoroughly investigated and has been a nothing burger as far as real hard evidence is concerned.


            1. It is an indisputable fact of reality – that both Hunter and his father confirmed several times – that Hunter got large amounts of money over the course of many months from Burisma, a company curated by Putin’s godfather.

              I ask again. What did these people get in return?


              1. “It is an indisputable fact of reality โ€“ that both Hunter and his father confirmed several times ”

                They deny this accusations are there is no evidence to the contrary. Innocent until proven guilty.


              2. It’s not an accusation. Hunter did serve on the board of Burisma getting insanely high payouts. He was interviewed by the ABC: https://youtu.be/KX3LmkHrho4

                He fully confirmed receiving the money. The only question is what the money was given to him for. He refused to answer. But the payouts themselves are not in dispute.


          2. “Why were they giving this money to Hunter?”

            Maybe they’re just unconventional philanthropists? Maybe they’re just not as smart as Hunter and haven’t realized they’ve been conned yet?


            1. Other than “but Trump” nobody is even trying to offer an explanation. Because there is no explanation other than the obvious. He was selling influence and access to the VP of the US. Given that he still has both his legs, he must have given them what they paid for.


        1. I followed the link. At the very top of the page, it refers to Baturina as “a widow.” I don’t read past that. It’s like referring to Al Capone as “an Italian.”

          They are pissing on our heads and we are swallowing it whole and saying thank you.


    2. Respectfully checking out for a while. I MIGHT be able to add to this conversation with some intelligence, but perhaps not–and there would definitely be a lot of vitriol on my part, which doesn’t seem helpful. I will continue to read faithfully.


  2. In reply to What Did They Get, there is an obvious answer. I don’t know whether it is correct or not, but it is plausible.

    There is a well-known trope that Trump is somehow compromised by Putin. Some people believe it, some do not. Full disclosure: I am inclined to believe it but I could easily be wrong about this. Putin is on record that he prefers that Trump be president. Paying this and “unsuccessfully trying” to keep it secret sets up the alternate story that Biden is compromised by the Russians. This counters the story that Trump is, and probably wins Trump a small number of votes, thereby improving his probability of winning. It doesn’t matter whether this story is true or is Russian disinformation; both have the same net effect.

    This is the only possible thing I can think of that Putin is getting. This amount of money is a bargain for that.


    1. Putin is a lot more recently on the record saying that he’s happy with Biden winning and looks forward to working with him because they have shared values.


    2. I totally see your point. This is political smear campaign at this point; come on, three weeks before the election they start pounding on a case that has already been thoroughly investigated and has found nothing as far as evidence of wrong doing?

      I’ll also add that Joe Biden has released his income tax returns, so we would also be able to see any weird money streams. It’s beyond sketchy that Trump has not done likewise.

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      1. As we say, no answer is also an answer. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Anybody else wants to try? What were these bandits paying for? What did they get from Hunter Biden in exchange for this money?


        1. “What did they get from Hunter Biden in exchange for this money?”

          When no one wants to know the answer…. there’s not gonna be an answer…. (not very elegant but you get the idea).
          People who’ve already committed the extraordinary mental gymnastics needed to believe that Biden was a credible candidate for President are already at the breaking point, realizing just how compromised he is would only lead to pure madness…
          This is the DNC in 2016, they wanted Biden and they’ve got him and everybody’s trying not to notice the stench wafting up from the rot….


          1. People don’t notice that they were riled up with the endless Trump drama to accept exactly this result because “anything is better than Trump because fascism.”


            1. I’ll agree to this. I did not vote for Hillary in 2016 and have voted Republican before. But this election I would vote for a stapler rather than vote for Trump. At least a stapler won’t actively work to divided us.


      2. It’s not the father that got the money. It’s the son. I don’t think he has released his income tax returns, or has he?


        1. If a student of mine gives a gift of a beautiful, expensive car to my husband, is it a gift to my husband or a bribe to me?

          The ethics policy of my University says it’s a bribe to me. My husband can’t even accept a $15 gift card from somebody who is a potential vendor for the university.


  3. Access, of course. Notice how quick the Biden campaign went from “No such meeting was on the official schedule” to “would not rule out the possibility” that Papa Biden met with Burisma Adviser… the turnaround on that was what? 24 hours?

    The thing that sticks in my craw is this line from the ZeroHedge article about the laptop:

    “when he was backing up the hard drive, he stumbled upon “disturbing” images, including “pornography”, that freaked him out.”

    Ok, this is a guy who repairs computers for a living. Other people’s personal computers. He’s probably seen enough of other people’s private kink stashes to singe your eyebrows off with the stories. But on Hunter’s laptop, he found “disturbing” images. Images that “freaked him out”. Freaked out the guy who repairs computers for a living.

    Let that sink in a minute.

    I don’t think I want to know what sort of things freak out the computer repairman.

    Article here:


    1. I’m sure it’s not the drug-addled sex per se that freaked him out but the fact of who was having the sex. This is the son of our future president. That’s what makes seeing the images scary.


          1. Dunno, I just have a hard time seeing how a regular “filmed myself having sex while high” type thing would freak out your average IT repair guy, you know? Amateur pornographers need tech help just like the rest of us. I expect anything along those lines is as boring as your average priest finds confessions (I say this as someone who’s handled thousands of used cell phones and media devices). One wonders if he’s into violence, kiddies, or snuff. Or if there were other famous faces involved.


            1. “wonders if heโ€™s into violence, kiddies, or snuff”

              Thank you for saying it…. sex tapes by famous people are trite and old…. it’s gotta be something really rank and terrible to shock someone who normally digs around in other people’s computers…. I hasten to add_if_ the story is accurate (cause you know….) but after Epstein…. all bets are off regarding the wickedness of the elite.


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