Video of the Day

A friend practically forced me to watch this video, and I’m extremely glad I did because the woman in it is me. Of course, I can’t record a video like this myself because I’d splutter, wave my hands, and screech in a heavy accent that comes out when I’m agitated. So I’m glad someone else spoke about how so many of us feel.

A Costly Binge

My JK Rowling binge is costing me. I haven’t read much in Spanish for two weeks and I’m now struggling with the text of the article I’m writing.

On the positive side, I’m almost done with the last novel in the series and I can go back to normal. A normal person would stretch these five gigantic novels over a few months or a year. But no, I have to gulp them down like a crazy maniac.

Complete Obedience

The scariest thing about the Stalinist mentality of Joe Biden’s voters is how completely unforgivable and relentless they are. I went on social media this morning and discovered that they are now trying to find some poor woman who seems to have nodded to something Trump said at his town hall yesterday and make her life hell. For nodding.

These are people who have Facebook, Twitter and Wall Street on their side. These are people who have won everything, including the right to keep us all prisoners in our homes, muzzle us physically and metaphorically, and burn cities with complete impunity.

And yet – and this is very typical – they can’t rest until they rout out and destroy that one single anonymous woman who kind of might have looked like she maybe nodded to something they don’t approve.

Absolutely no deviation from the party line can be brooked. Learn to control your facial expressions because unless you wear a look of complete subservience and excited adoration at all times, you are screwed.