A Costly Binge

My JK Rowling binge is costing me. I haven’t read much in Spanish for two weeks and I’m now struggling with the text of the article I’m writing.

On the positive side, I’m almost done with the last novel in the series and I can go back to normal. A normal person would stretch these five gigantic novels over a few months or a year. But no, I have to gulp them down like a crazy maniac.

4 thoughts on “A Costly Binge”

      1. I’m surprised so many people read Harry Potter to their young children because to me it’s as much a series about adolescence as about magic… Part of the reason it appealed so strongly to my generation is that each book evolved significantly in tone and complexity, just as we, the core audience, were growing up… They weren’t available to binge all at once – we had to wait a year for the next installment. We were a year older, and Harry was too. The first two are pretty simple and lighthearted and might appeal to young children but I can’t imagine the teenage angst of the later books would be of much interest. And they get pretty dark – people are murdered, tortured into insanity… I think you should just leave Harry Potter for Klara to discover on her own when she’s older, if she’s interested.


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