Complete Obedience

The scariest thing about the Stalinist mentality of Joe Biden’s voters is how completely unforgivable and relentless they are. I went on social media this morning and discovered that they are now trying to find some poor woman who seems to have nodded to something Trump said at his town hall yesterday and make her life hell. For nodding.

These are people who have Facebook, Twitter and Wall Street on their side. These are people who have won everything, including the right to keep us all prisoners in our homes, muzzle us physically and metaphorically, and burn cities with complete impunity.

And yet – and this is very typical – they can’t rest until they rout out and destroy that one single anonymous woman who kind of might have looked like she maybe nodded to something they don’t approve.

Absolutely no deviation from the party line can be brooked. Learn to control your facial expressions because unless you wear a look of complete subservience and excited adoration at all times, you are screwed.

21 thoughts on “Complete Obedience”

  1. “Learn to control your facial expressions because unless you wear a look of complete subservience and excited adoration at all times, you are screwed.”

    “I share with the majority of American Jews’ disgust toward Trump and Trumpism, which has normalized bigotry and cruelty in ways that have crippled American society.”

    From this offhand comment in her article you posted earlier, it seems to me that Bari Weiss isn’t likely to be the one to be forced to wear the tall hat/dunce cap at any Red Guard struggle session organized by her peers.


    1. Totally.

      I’ve done all of this before. I grew up doing it. It is absolutely unbelievable to me that Americans are choosing this freely without any evil dictator imposing it at gunpoint.

      That they actually want to live this way… No, I don’t get it.


      1. I would like to say that I’m a brave person who resists tyranny etc etc blah blah blah, but no. I’m scared shitless by all this, because I am not physically or mentally capable of navigating the world as the progressive left wants it to be. I can’t lie. I can’t pretend enthusiasm. I can’t fake it. I can’t learn and re-learn, and re-learn again the mandatory eupemisms of the week. I can’t even tell my best friend that she looks fine after she’s gained ten pounds. No: she looks like she’s gained ten pounds, and no matter how hard I try, I will end up saying so if she asks about it. In college, my roommate kept talking about her new boyfriend, and described him as average-looking and short. When I finally met him, riffled through my memory and placed who he was, I was like “Oh, you’re the short one.” (not a judgement. I myself am quite short and it doesn’t bother me). She had to explain to me later why he was offended. It’s a congenital disability.

        These people want me to live in a world where I have to convincingly say that men are women just because they say so, that people with masters’ degrees from prestigious institutions, who make six times as much as my whole family, are oppressed (and I am privileged!). Where I have to express active support for politicians, institutions, and policies I vehemently disagree with… and I will be punished for failing to do so.

        If these guys get what they want, I will end my days starving in the street, in jail, or ripped to pieces by an angry mob.


        1. I’m with you 100%. And the worst part is that, in this system, it’s not enough to pretend convincingly. No, you actually have to believe. You have to absolutely sincerely and enthusiastically believe all this crap. Like a fox that chews off its leg to escape from a trap, you need to amputate your capacity to think and your feeling of human dignity. Many people manage to do it. But for those of us who can’t, it’s truly a terrible system.


      2. Understanding it is easy. Stalin took over at the executive level, and punished or destroyed those who did not comply with his system until the whole system of administrators, enforcers etc were of Stalin’s kind. In the end, his horrible system failed because it was unfit for the purpose of managing and providing for a society.

        The new ones of his kind alive today in the USA (and the rest of the West) cannot take over at the executive level, because the systems already in place are competent enough to identify and block that kind of executive takeover.

        To overcome the competence of the system, what is happening is that the systems are being infiltrated from lower and medium level positions – ie municipal councils, arms of the bureaucracy, academia etc – who are rewarding those who comply with jobs, contracts, benefits, passing grades and other privileges so as to recruit them.

        Their plan is to take over the middle and lower ends of the system and then install an executive afterwards.

        What is interesting this time around is that the useful idiots of the day are practically volunteering, in the form of a bunch of very wealthy crazies on Wall Street etc who benefit from socialist/communist/totalitarian policies. They’re financing the whole thing with this crazy idea that they can use the mob to destroy their capitalist competition so as to become monopolists/oligarchs.

        In reality of course, they’re not going to be monopolists or oligarchs, but rather, they’ll just be dinner.

        Anyway that should explain why it looks like Americans are asking to live this way without it being imposed on them, since it isn’t “Americans” who want this, but rather a minority tail of public servants, bureaucrats, academics, students, bought off media people and nebulous wannabe politburo trying to wag a majority dog.


          1. That’s a nice thing to say, thanks. Anyway, time will tell who will win. I personally predict that the American people will choose Trump, which should be apparent on election night, which will probably be followed by the crazies trying to steal the election by claiming that lots of Democrats voted by mail and then taking the whole thing to court.

            Anyway hopefully that doesn’t happen, or at least get too out of control. The world doesn’t need any more instability atm.


  2. Weirdly, though, early mail ballot results are already trickling in, in places like Ohio and Wisconsin, and they put Trump either 50/50 or a little ahead. And supposedly more Dems than Reps were planning to vote by mail. Republicans are far less likely to trust that their mail ballots won’t be tampered with.


    1. Given the massive and obvious suppression of the recent Hunter Biden story by practically all media networks including social media, do you think that the truth really matters, or would in any way dissuade these maniacs from trying to wag the dog & lay claim to the USA? (That was a sincere question btw).


      1. Oh, they’ll totally try that. I expect a clear Trump victory, with a whole lot of shouting and accusations and Democrat fraud and lawyers and delays, localized outbreaks of armed conflict in urban, Democrat-majority areas, including DC… ultimately fizzling. I wouldn’t rule out an assassination attempt. They may try rioting in some more conservative areas, but I don’t expect it to go anywhere, as local law enforcement will enforce the law, and will not hesitate to call out the Guard if they need help. We’ve seen it in miniature already. It’ll be mopped up before the inauguration. There will be epic damage to Democrat cities, they’ll then beg for federal assistance to rebuild, the rest of the country will say “F*** no!” And those cities can go on to become basically Detroit and Baltimore, while other cities take their turn in the economic spotlight.

        In the investigations that follow, it’ll be found that Antifa (“just an idea”) et al have been getting covert funding and weapons shipments from a foreign source (sources?). We do it to other countries all the time. I can’t imagine a scenario where no country in the whole world tries to do it to us.

        The corporate media will, of course, cover for them. IMO they’re losing credibility and viewership every day. I think the only way they’re still making money is by continuing to publish lies so outrageous that they go viral from people re-posting the link just for everyone to gawk at how brazen they’ve become. Clicks, baby. Next step: irrelevance and insolvency.

        On the plus side, it looks like the upcoming set of people who’ve been trying to figure out how to do actual journalism, in a post-newspaper, post-news-network environment, have finally started to work out how to make a living at it: Patreon, BitChute, etc. They’re not getting rich, but they’re solvent.

        I’m optimistic.


        1. That is my most optimistic thinking as well, so I really, really hope you’re right. Thanks for writing it out.


            1. I looked at the polls the other day, every state, one by one. And they made me depressed. We are losing. Even in Florida and PA. Texas is neck to neck. I’ve been heartsore ever since.

              It’s not about my candidate losing. I get over such things very fast. But there’s something bigger that’s about to be lost here. Something much much bigger than any candidate or any party.


              1. Whose polls are you looking at? I’ve been checking Trafalgar, and combining that with the sheer number of people I know who either won’t talk to pollsters or lie outrageously to them… plus the fact that I know several people (including myself) who did not vote for Trump last time, but are voting for him this year, and I know zero people who voted Trump last time, and are going for Biden this year… and I’m hopeful.



              2. OK, look, all the polls predicted Hillary would win in 2016. That should give you hope.

                I know the big issue for you is BLM and diversity stuff. I don’t think Trump would be able to change it if he’s elected for a second term – it would go into overdrive. It’s a matter of culture, and will pass like the 60s did. It’ll take time to work itself out of our system regardless of who’s president.


              3. It will go into overdrive no matter what or who’s elected, that’s true. But Biden is going to put gender identity into a protected category by law. That’s in his program. He’ll bring back the dear colleague letter. That’s in his program. He will impose federally mandated critical race theory trainings. He will sanction mutilation of children, as he promised the day before yesterday, and criminalize any opposition. That’s in his program. That’s what you are voting for. A president has a lot of power to torture us with this list of things that are in Biden’s program while the moment is passing.

                I wish people could actually be bothered to check out what it is they are voting for.


              4. Also – and while the liberals, Joe Biden voters, or whatever you want to call them are totally capable of destroying someone’a life by eliciting outrage via social media – the woman is a Trump supporter who had run for public office and seems to have wanted the exposure. She streamed herself meeting Trump after the event on Facebook or something like that.


              5. I read somewhere today that even some of Biden’s campaign staff are openly saying that the polls are “BS”. So, I wouldn’t worry about them too much. Also, I think that we are at that magic critical moment in elections where Biden is going to say that single bad thing too many, or Trump is going to say something that is universally accepted, and then the whole thing is going to twang.

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