Saturday Evening

It’s 60°F and very windy, beautiful weather, and I’m lying on the floor on the verandah, staring at the sky.

I made a beautiful stew today: cubed beef, tons of shitake mushrooms, carrots, spinach, and a healthy dose of curry powder. Took three hours of close supervision but it came out brilliantly.

“Why do you eat such ugly things?” Klara asked once she saw the stew.

Blank Stare

At the gym, I’m stuck in front of a TV with the CNN on. They are showing the schedule of Biden’s campaign. Every day there are events, appearances, rallies. The only weird thing, though, is that Biden isn’t in any of them. It’s all sorts of people, including some really bizarre ones, like athletes or washed out TV personalities. But no actual Biden.

The idiot viewers are watching without noticing anything, completely zombified.

Convenient Narratives

I have a feeling that this whole “Islamists against free speech” spiel that the French so enjoy is their version of the American song and dance around Roe vs Wade that’s constantly in danger (or creating danger, depending on the side you are on). It’s a distraction from everything else going on.

It does get reported but usually in passing and nobody investigates it but quite a few of these “Islamist attacks” in France are organized and / or carried out by current or former citizens of Russia who are as Islamist as I am. And the attacks seem to coincide a lot with the times where the French government does something to annoy Putin.

I don’t like Islamist – or any other – fanatics but it’s no use to let a convenient, simple narrative to blind us to other things that are going on.

It’s also funny how Putin gets blamed for things he never did but when there’s a clear connection to him, everybody always dismisses it.

More on the Beheaded Teacher

Of course, every rule has an exception, and if you try hard enough, you can find a crazed religious fanatic even in Moscow. The question remains, though, why the French government is so hell-bent on dragging every religious fanatic on the planet over to France and then starting this boring song and dance about their “secular values.” Or dragging over a completely secular kid and turning him into a fanatic.

As for the dead teacher, I’m extremely sorry that he’s dead. It’s terrible. But if the story we are being told is true – and I highly doubt it – he was an extremely weird person. That whole story about making Muslim students leave the classroom for the showing of completely unnecessary cartoons – it’s all bizarre. Imagine me saying, “I’m going to show some cartoons that Hispanics see as offensive, so Hispanics go stand outside while I do it.” And for what? The cartoons are online. It’s not like he was showing unique and rare material. Of course, he doesn’t deserve to get killed for it. Nobody does. And I really don’t think he was.

The story is fishy as hell.

Moscow Chechens

The idea that a kid born in Moscow can be a religious fanatic or an “islamist” that beheads people over Mohammed cartoons is ludicrous. These are people who have been completely secular for over a century. There’s something else going on.

It’s a completely different question why France had to drag these particular Russians over. The Moscow Chechens are wealthy and universally feared in the city. They are under Putin’s protection. There’s a bunch of famous gay nightclubs owned by Moscow Chechens. Why it was so crucial to drag them over to France is a mystery.