Convenient Narratives

I have a feeling that this whole “Islamists against free speech” spiel that the French so enjoy is their version of the American song and dance around Roe vs Wade that’s constantly in danger (or creating danger, depending on the side you are on). It’s a distraction from everything else going on.

It does get reported but usually in passing and nobody investigates it but quite a few of these “Islamist attacks” in France are organized and / or carried out by current or former citizens of Russia who are as Islamist as I am. And the attacks seem to coincide a lot with the times where the French government does something to annoy Putin.

I don’t like Islamist – or any other – fanatics but it’s no use to let a convenient, simple narrative to blind us to other things that are going on.

It’s also funny how Putin gets blamed for things he never did but when there’s a clear connection to him, everybody always dismisses it.

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