More on the Beheaded Teacher

Of course, every rule has an exception, and if you try hard enough, you can find a crazed religious fanatic even in Moscow. The question remains, though, why the French government is so hell-bent on dragging every religious fanatic on the planet over to France and then starting this boring song and dance about their “secular values.” Or dragging over a completely secular kid and turning him into a fanatic.

As for the dead teacher, I’m extremely sorry that he’s dead. It’s terrible. But if the story we are being told is true – and I highly doubt it – he was an extremely weird person. That whole story about making Muslim students leave the classroom for the showing of completely unnecessary cartoons – it’s all bizarre. Imagine me saying, “I’m going to show some cartoons that Hispanics see as offensive, so Hispanics go stand outside while I do it.” And for what? The cartoons are online. It’s not like he was showing unique and rare material. Of course, he doesn’t deserve to get killed for it. Nobody does. And I really don’t think he was.

The story is fishy as hell.

3 thoughts on “More on the Beheaded Teacher”

  1. ” why the French government is so hell-bent on dragging every religious fanatic on the planet over to France”

    Not just France…. the governments of most European countries are grimly determined to bring in very large numbers of people, most of whom, judging by those from the same/similar cultures who are already there, will never be able to thrive or contribute…

    None of the official explanations make sense which leaves few options…
    One: they are either out of touch and stupid (a real possibility that I don’t discount) or
    Two: they have a reason and it’s not…. benevolent.
    Three: they have a reason but it’s not… straightforward.

    One provocative possible explanation was that it’s to toughen up the local population which has grown fat and lazy and complacent – Rabbits don’t really thrive when there are no foxes around. In the absence of real wars to fight European populations have become weak and flabby and the hope is that a visible presence of aggressive non-integrating ‘immigrants’ are meant to provoke them to violent reaction (which European governments are constantly suggesting… but so far the local populations aren’t taking the hint).


    1. People say that the French bring over people from Algiers and Morocco because of their history of colonization. OK, great. But what history do they have with Moscow Chechens? That’s what we need to discuss instead of the endless debates about free speech.


      1. “what history do they have with Moscow Chechens?”

        To put it as bluntly and in the most unpleasant manner possible….. who wants Chechens in their country at all? Everything I’ve seen/read/heard about the culture sounds absolutely pathological an repulsive – at home it’s violent mountain revenge vendetta honor culture squared or cubed…. I gather that outside of Chechnya they tend to specialize in organized crime – which is probably what they’re doing in France (see the Chechen-Algerian gang wars in Dijon a couple of months ago).
        Why the French government thinks the country needs more organized crime is another question…


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