Saturday Evening

It’s 60°F and very windy, beautiful weather, and I’m lying on the floor on the verandah, staring at the sky.

I made a beautiful stew today: cubed beef, tons of shitake mushrooms, carrots, spinach, and a healthy dose of curry powder. Took three hours of close supervision but it came out brilliantly.

“Why do you eat such ugly things?” Klara asked once she saw the stew.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Evening”

  1. why “three hours of close supervision” for a stew? Get an instapot. Half an hour and it’s done.
    Get a Breville slo pro and the machine itself will tell you how long you should cook it and what type of high-pressure release you should use and half an hour and it’s done.


  2. Then get Deb Perelman’s cookbook or just make recipes from her website,
    It’s just that after making several of her recipes, you’ll find your fridge full of leftover ricotta, sour cream, buttermilk, yogurt, a half-can of black beans, an almost-full can of pickled jalapenos, half a bag of pearl sugar and the inevitable half-onion. This is not a woman who cooks with only five ingredients per dish. Minimalism in cooking is not her thing, but the recipes are awesome.


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