A world-famous biophysicist and a Nobel Prize Laureate is getting unpersonned for pointing out that COVID “cases” are a meaningless metric and that COVID deaths are dramatically overcounted because they are based on counting everybody who died of any cause while being positive for COVID.

The guy is 73, so he doesn’t care that much about being barred from professional life but imagine somebody younger.

COVID Trauma

I was buying makeup and automatically reached for a tube of lipstick. Then I remembered and had a mini-fit right at the makeup counter.

Other people report having a mini-breakdown seeing planners for 2021 at the bookstore or catching a glimpse of an airplane overhead. Some find it unbearable to see “old” photos of family occasions and outings with friends.

More about the Movie

A particularly poignant part of Shelby Steele’s documentary What Killed Michael Brown? is the story of what happened to the owner of the convenience store that Michael Brown tried to rob shortly before being shot to death. I never heard this reported or discussed anywhere, and I live a few miles from that store.

It turns out that groups of rabid protesters victimized that poor store owner and his family for years afterwards. They extorted money from them, paraded through the store heavily armed, and loudly proclaimed that the store owner “doesn’t belong here because he’s neither black or white.” The store owner is an immigrant from Pakistan.

This is identical to what is being done to immigrant neighborhoods by today’s rioters. But nobody has the guts to explore the anti-immigrant feelings of the rioters that have manifested, for instance, in acts of vandalism directed at monuments celebrating the Hispanic presence on this continent.

People are so terrified of reality that now a completely ridiculous narrative about the rioters all being white has set in and is impossible to dislodge. In the movie, Steele interviews residents of Ferguson who actually know what happened and help dispel these myths.

Movie Recommendation

I highly recommend watching the documentary What Killed Michael Brown? by one of the greatest thinkers of our time, Shelby Steele. This film is a must-see for anybody wondering why there are riots going on and when they are going to end.

In his signature calm and unhurried manner, Steele explains how the blueprint for the riots was created by the Obama administration, how the groups that are now burning down neighborhoods and killing people were first formed, and what it is that they want to achieve.

Amazon is refusing to post the movie, so if you want to see it use Vimeo. It’s funny how everything is racist yet the silencing of a leading black thinker isn’t.

Link of the Day

Here’s a great detailed article on the slow-motion collapse of the scam known as the 1619 Project.

The article also makes it clear why Bari Weiss was addressing the Jewish community in her recent piece. Like much of the BLM, the 1619 Project is an essentially Jewish project. It’s incomprehensible and painful to recognize but, once again, we, Jewish people, are digging our own grave by aggressively promoting a movement that’s by nature hostile to us.

It’s painful, very very painful to see so many Jewish names behind every BLMster insanity but I won’t pretend it’s not true.

Fresh Scandal

It turns out that Hunter Biden also pimped out his father to some shifty oligarchs in the extremely corrupt country of Kazakhstan.

Rakishev, however, repeatedly ran into problems finding western business partners due to the murky origins of his wealth. The respected International Finance Corp. pulled out a planned deal with him over “liabilities” stemming from his connections to the country’s rulers.

As in other nations like Ukraine and China where Hunter plied his trade, Joe Biden may not have been far behind. The Mail published a photo they obtained from the “Kazakhstani Initiative on Asset Recovery” showing Hunter Biden with his beaming father alongside Rakishev.

And it’s not just his father:

Through his connections, emails show Hunter Biden successfully engineered a $1 million investment from Rakishev to filmmaker Alexandra Forbes Kerry — the daughter of ex-Sen. and former Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry, the report said.

There’s now about one major revelation a day about extreme corruption in the Biden family. I’m beginning to understand why people were do excited about a candidate who had no background in politics.