A world-famous biophysicist and a Nobel Prize Laureate is getting unpersonned for pointing out that COVID “cases” are a meaningless metric and that COVID deaths are dramatically overcounted because they are based on counting everybody who died of any cause while being positive for COVID.

The guy is 73, so he doesn’t care that much about being barred from professional life but imagine somebody younger.

13 thoughts on “Barred”

  1. The health systems of many countries account for about 20% of the entire economy. That’s more than oil & gas. Any profession or industry that accounts for 20% of the economy stops being a profession or industry and automatically becomes politics.

    Younger people fall into the trap of thinking that the health professions care about health all the time. That’s when they learn that the media will attack and lie about them quite a bit, generally since the media depends on pharmaceutical advertising to pay basic wages.


    1. What’s weird is how parasitical it’s become. Healthcare now takes up this inordinate chunk of our economy… and it’s hell bent on taking up MORE of it. Even though this will collapse our economy and take down our healthcare with it.

      The number one rule of being a successful parasite is: don’t kill the host!

      Healthcare hasn’t figured that out.


      1. I think that you might be assuming that people in healthcare actually sit around thinking about it. In my experience, no one really does. Everyone is in a bubble, thinking only about their situation without caring at all about the predicament that everyone else is in. Big pharma execs don’t care about primary healthcare providers, just like the politicians making up the rules don’t care about the researchers who took grants to find (or not find) a cure for something.

        The whole thing sort of reminds me of how the USSR administration/bureaucracy used to work – compartmentalised, overcomplicated, inefficient, EXPENSIVE, inconsistent, hypocritical, heavy handed, full of people generally only thinking about themselves etc.


      2. “Healthcare now takes up this inordinate chunk of our economy…”

        Health care takes up about 17% of U.S. GDP. This contrasts very unfavourably with the approximately 10-11% of GDP of most OECD countries with government run medical sectors. This cost advantage is due to several factors including rationing of services and regulatory controls on drug patents/prices.

        It’s somewhat surprising to me that more sensible Americans aren’t aware of the comparative cost inefficiencies of their system and accordingly focus more on a non-partisan campaign to reduce costs rather than their dead-end partisan debates around public/private provision.


        1. I also want to direct everybody’s attention to the obesity rates which are a major predictor of health outcomes and which are dramatically higher in the US. To reach a similar life expectancy of a much more obese population, the US has to spend a lot more on healthcare.

          Another factor is an extremely sedentary lifestyle in the US. Yet another is cheap electricity which keeps us at over 69F indoors even in winter. Where I work it’s at least 74F all winter long. The result is different health outcomes.

          Look at any random bunch of 13-year-olds in the US and, I don’t know, Denmark, Norway, France. It will take you under two seconds to guess which group is already more medicated and will develop chronic conditions before reaching adulthood.

          And there’s a lot more. The primary education system that revolves around medicating kids. Doctors who prescribe antibiotics like candy. A society where nobody even heard of post-antibiotic care.

          It’s shocking that it’s only 17%.


            1. Especially Zoom school.

              Nothing will achieve a huge stratification of society than having all kids in Zoom school and only a minority’s kids spared this horror.


    1. Michael Levitt

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  2. It is becoming more clear that people prefer the lie. They prefer a fantasy world. Our society has been lulled into a sense of apathy via technology and movies and media. People don’t think for themselves or consider that ideas have consequences. I am astounded by the people around me who want healthcare paid for 100% but don’t want to work a real job. They want government handouts. They really do. And they are teaching their children that we DESERVE it.

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