Fresh Scandal

It turns out that Hunter Biden also pimped out his father to some shifty oligarchs in the extremely corrupt country of Kazakhstan.

Rakishev, however, repeatedly ran into problems finding western business partners due to the murky origins of his wealth. The respected International Finance Corp. pulled out a planned deal with him over “liabilities” stemming from his connections to the country’s rulers.

As in other nations like Ukraine and China where Hunter plied his trade, Joe Biden may not have been far behind. The Mail published a photo they obtained from the “Kazakhstani Initiative on Asset Recovery” showing Hunter Biden with his beaming father alongside Rakishev.

And it’s not just his father:

Through his connections, emails show Hunter Biden successfully engineered a $1 million investment from Rakishev to filmmaker Alexandra Forbes Kerry — the daughter of ex-Sen. and former Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry, the report said.

There’s now about one major revelation a day about extreme corruption in the Biden family. I’m beginning to understand why people were do excited about a candidate who had no background in politics.

3 thoughts on “Fresh Scandal”

  1. It is quite common for so-called “developing countries” (aka countries permanently crippled by kleptocrats) to invite politicians, journalists, delegations etc from industrialised nations to various gatherings, forums, expos etc along with their underlings.

    It is commonly the object for attendees to be compromised in some way, by offering them various deals, payments, shares, and/or other arrangements, where the attendee is finally tested for commitment or loyalty by offering to them something illegal, like drugs or prostitutes of all ages, which they are filmed using/fornicating with/raping.

    If a person refuses to partake in the final thing that is offered to them, it is common for them to be targeted or eliminated, even in their home country.

    Those who go along with all of it get everything that they bargained for, often for years, even going to far as to groom or recruit others in the home country for a continuation and/or expansion of what is, really, gangsterism.

    Importantly (and the point of this post) one of the main roles of compromised persons is to identify and filter out – by any means necessary – any person of good conscience who would reveal what is going on.

    So, whenever you see a new, unaffiliated politician, journalist etc who seems to be smeared, diminished, ostracised etc by everybody without anyone being able to explain why, it is usually a sign that they are one of the many good and decent people who are at odds with whatever is going on in their local community.

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  2. Exactly! I don’t care how many shady real estate deals Trump may or may not have engaged in. He’s got nothing on anyone who’s been in DC for ten years or more. Nothing. And he’s apparently losing some money from his personal fortune during his term in office. I have some admiration for that, actually. Most of them enter office moderately wealthy and leave stinking rich.

    The current scandal involves Hunter Biden pimping out his Dad, but he was also apparently in “business” with John Kerry’s stepson, and there’s some connection to the McCain family also. And remember Dick Cheney and Halliburton?And George Bush’s cushy relationship with the Saudi royals? They are all neck deep in kickback schemes, influence-peddling, and insider trading. I’d be totally shocked if half of congress weren’t guilty of the crime Martha Stewart went to jail for.

    Personally, I begin to think if you serve in congress, the presidency, or even the state legislature, the personal finances of you and everyone in your family should be public record until five years after you leave office, at least. And perhaps, also, during that time your personal income and net worth should be capped at some low multiple of the median income and net worth of the state/district/country that elected you. 3x? 5x? It’ll never happen, though.


    1. God, these people. I work for a public university, and I’m legally barred from accepting a slice of pizza at a promotional event in town if the pizza place is a vendor. The list of regulations is insanely long. And it’s OK, I wouldn’t mind. If I didn’t see how these bastards – from both parties – shamelessly profit.


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