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A particularly poignant part of Shelby Steele’s documentary What Killed Michael Brown? is the story of what happened to the owner of the convenience store that Michael Brown tried to rob shortly before being shot to death. I never heard this reported or discussed anywhere, and I live a few miles from that store.

It turns out that groups of rabid protesters victimized that poor store owner and his family for years afterwards. They extorted money from them, paraded through the store heavily armed, and loudly proclaimed that the store owner “doesn’t belong here because he’s neither black or white.” The store owner is an immigrant from Pakistan.

This is identical to what is being done to immigrant neighborhoods by today’s rioters. But nobody has the guts to explore the anti-immigrant feelings of the rioters that have manifested, for instance, in acts of vandalism directed at monuments celebrating the Hispanic presence on this continent.

People are so terrified of reality that now a completely ridiculous narrative about the rioters all being white has set in and is impossible to dislodge. In the movie, Steele interviews residents of Ferguson who actually know what happened and help dispel these myths.

One thought on “More about the Movie”

  1. I think this is a very astute observation. Someone absolutely should explore anti-immigrant sentiment. I would be more than happy to interview you or other pertinent parties for my column in The Ferguson Times. I was aware of the oppression to the owner of the Ferguson Market. I am also aware of the aggression toward anyone who rebuts the accepted narrative. It is my sincere desire to improve the community by building stronger relationships between ALL people.

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